With experience and professionalism, Tekce Overseas has 20 years as being leading international real estate company. Now, it has international legal consultancy services under the name of Tekce Visa.

Tekce Overseas: Leading in Its All Fields

man putting a block on top of blocksThe company profile of Tekce Overseas has the aim of ‘leading’. First, ‘leading’ people to happiness by consulting them to buy their dream property in the best locations and showing them profitable opportunities while becoming a ‘leading’ real estate company.

Tekce Overseas is serving in various locations to reach more people. With 18 offices in Turkey, North Cyprus, Spain, and Sweden, it created a modern environment for clients from all over the world.

Now, Tekce Overseas is extending its services to lead people to reach their desired new horizons easier. Tekce Visa is an international legal consultancy company in various fields, from citizenship by investment to residence permits.

Moving to another country becomes harder as it becomes easier. While many countries starting new options to draw foreigners, there are obligations and requirements to follow. To create modern solutions in this field, Tekce Overseas’ Chairman Bayram Tekçe and Chief Operating Officer Özkan Tekçe established Tekce Visa.

Modern Solutions of International Legal Consultancy with Tekce Visa

The various incidents and changes occurred wave of a huge movement between countries. The popularity of becoming a digital nomad, the political situations and conflicts between countries, and the post-lockdown because of pandemics make people look for different places to live and invest.

In this area of service, Tekce Visa is established with aim of creating a unique service model. Tekce Visa concludes foreigners’ legal proceedings in popular countries on their behalf. In the beginning, Tekce Visa has services in Turkey, Spain, and Portugal. These services will be expanded to countries with residency and citizenship programs, including Thailand and Malta.

As an international legal consultancy company, Tekce Visa gives services in numerous fields including;

  • Citizenship
  • Residence Permit
  • Immigration Process
  • Law of Succession and Law of Obligations for Foreigners
  • Golden Visa
  • Company Establishment

What Makes Tekce Visa Unique?

Starting from using the latest methods and technology to conclude the transactions, there are numerous things that make Tekce Visa a unique legal consultancy company.Tekce Visa logo

In his interview with Emsal.com, Bayram Tekçe mentioned: “You can not sell where you can not reach.” These words actually describe the establishment idea of Tekce Visa and expanding service area of Tekce Overseas.

Tekce Visa concludes all transactions of customers on their behalf. For example, if you are applying for residency in Spain by investment, Tekce Visa handles the entire process only with a power of attorney. You won’t even need to exist in the said country during the process.

Also, people feel safer and happier when they communicate in their own language. So, Tekce Visa has professional lawyers speaking in YOUR language.

While giving services in offices in various countries, Tekce Visa works with local lawyers and professionals experienced in immigration, citizenship, and other legal processes of foreigners. Tekce Visa will be a main source of consultancy for moving to a new country.