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    Is property ownership in Turkey freehold or leasehold?

    All properties in Turkey are "freehold".

    What is a title deed (Tapu) like?

    A title deed (TAPU) is a document that proves and protects the ownership rights of a real estate. It shows the location, size, type, and owner of a property.


    Do I have to pay the maintenance fee if I don't use the property?

    It is a legal obligation to pay maintenance fee if your property is in a compound. Also, it is morally a must-do because this collected money is used for enhancing the surroundings of the property. Related page: Service Charges and Apartment Maintenance Fee in Turkey

    I lost my original title deed, can I have it reprinted?

    No problem! Reprinting a title deed is a simple task. Your original registration is protected as hard and software copy with high security at The Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastre.

    How many people can share a title deed?

    There is no limit for the number of people whose names can be written on the same title deed.

    What happens to my property when I die?

    Since the properties you buy in Turkey are freehold, your family members inherit your properties after your death. Read more about property inheritance in Turkey.

    Who pays the maintenance fee If I rent out my property, me or the tenant?

    Tenant pays the maintenance fee as a customs in Turkey. However sometimes, depending on the rental agreement between the two parties, it can be included in the rental price.

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