Houses for Sale in Istanbul

Houses for Sale in Istanbul

As the leading real estate agency in Turkey, Istanbul Homes offers a great variety of houses for sale in Istanbul. You can also find any type of properties that you are looking for in our portfolio including; houses, apartments, commercial properties, and land for sale in Istanbul.

Buying Houses in Istanbul For Sale

Istanbul is one of the most popular destinations for foreign property buyers, holidaymakers, and investors. The historical heritage and scenic beauties of the city, world-famous Turkish cuisine, Turkish hospitality, and the diverse range of facilities that Istanbul offers make the city an attraction point for everybody.

Istanbul is such a great city that you can find anything you are looking for. The city has a huge population and all the amenities that anyone would need in daily or social life such as world-class sports activities, cultural events, night clubs, museums, parks, and so on. Furthermore, education and business opportunities and health services along with the relatively affordable cost of living, attract people to come and live in this beautiful city.

As Istanbul is the most populated city in Turkey and still receiving migration from all over the world, there are numerous Istanbul real estate projects around the city. While a great majority of these projects include apartment complexes, a considerable amount of them is detached and semi-detached villas in compounds. Since Istanbul houses for sale offer more personal space for the residents and have more features, they are preferred by buyers who can afford more than apartment prices. Still, no need to worry! Houses for sale in Istanbul are much cheaper than their equivalents in Europe and North American countries.

Unlike apartments for sale in Istanbul that are mostly built-in high rise apartment complexes, villas in Istanbul are mostly constructed as two to three stories and offer a secluded garden where you and your family can enjoy more personal space. Residents of houses in Istanbul have some privileges such as private gardens and swimming pools, a secure area that their children can play games, 24/7 security services, etc.

Istanbul Houses in Turkey

You can see the gorgeous historical mansions around the Bosphorus when making a Bosphorus tour or passing to the other side of the city. These mansions were owned by the statesman and wealthy people in Ottoman times. Today, they are home to the members of high society such as businessmen, celebrities, and artists. Historical mansions in Istanbul have amazing Bosphorus views and enormous interior areas which you will be amazed to live in.

While some people prefer buying lands to build their own houses, a great majority of buyers prefer houses in Istanbul for sale which are newly constructed or under construction. These villas with swimming pools are constructed elegantly down to the last detail.

Buying a house in Istanbul is not a complicated process. However, buying a property is a serious task itself and it is advised to deal with a professional real estate company for such a process. Istanbul Homes has delivered thousands of keys to its happy customers since its foundation. With years of experience, our agents will guide you throughout your property purchasing process and you will be surprised to see how easy it is to buy a house in Istanbul where you do not even speak the local language. You will experience the privilege of dealing with someone who speaks your mother tongue and knows your culture and expectations.

Istanbul Houses Offering Great Investment Opportunities

Istanbul properties are purchased for investment purposes, too. Not only the people who live in the city but also investors from all over the world buy a house in Istanbul. Istanbul properties offer highly profitable investment opportunities with an ever-increasing demand from domestic and international buyers. Many factors bring about such a great demand to the city, some of the most important are as follows;

• Istanbul is at the connection point of Europe and Asia continents.
•The city has an advantageous location for international transportation.
•The city has always had geopolitical importance for world civilizations throughout history.
•Istanbul is one of the fastest developing megacities in the world.
•People from all cultures and religious backgrounds have lived in the city for centuries and this resulted in a peaceful environment for everyone on earth.
•There several educational institutions that offer modern education opportunities to Istanbulites and people from all countries.
•With its great population, Istanbul is a center of business, trade, and manufacture besides being a market for manufacturers and world trade companies.

Further Information

If you are interested in Istanbul real estate, get in contact with us now. Istanbul Homes presents the best properties for sale including apartments, houses, lands, and commercial property in Istanbul. Our professional team of local experts will make the property purchasing process enjoyable for you. Besides professional service, Istanbul Homes offers 100% customer happiness and the best price guarantee to its customers. Contact us for more details and to arrange a viewing tour or to request visual tours.

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Semi-Detached Villa in Pendik Istanbul in a Family Concept ComplexThe villa for sale is located in Pendik, Istanbul. The villa is in a complex with rich facilities including a communal garden, swimming pool, and 24/7 security.
BASE PRICE2.500.000 TLVerified Price263.200 USD
Citizenship Approved Villa on a Tourism Zoned Land in PendikThe villa for sale is located in Istanbul Pendik. Pendik is a region preferred by elite people thanks to its horizontally architectured homes and villas.
BASE PRICE5.500.000 TLVerified PriceFROM579.000 USD
Mansion for Sale in Beykoz with Astonishing Bosphorus ViewsMansion for sale in Istanbul is advantageously located within walking distance of the Beykoz coastline. The mansion consists of a winter garden, a main living area, and a guest house.
Verified Price2.500.000 USD
Peaceful House Surrounded by Nature in Istanbul OmerliThe quadruplex house with a private garden and a pool is located in the Istanbul Omerli neighborhood which is close to the city center and away from the crowd. The house is suitable for citizenship.
BASE PRICE4.950.000 TLVerified Price521.100 USD

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Detached Duplex House in İstanbul Pendik in a Tranquil AreaThe house for sale with a private garden is located in Pendik, İstanbul. The detached house is located in a tranquil area close to the city center, Aydos forest, and Sabiha Gökçen airport.
BASE PRICE985.000 EURVerified PriceFROM1.142.600 USD
Splendid Villa in Istanbul Kurtkoy NeighbourhoodVilla for sale in Pendik İstanbul is within easy reach of the Aydos forest, hiking parks, and Sabiha Gokcen Airport. The splendid villa is close to all daily amenities.
BASE PRICE8.500.000 TLVerified PriceFROM894.900 USD

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Detached Villa with 2 Gardens in İstanbul BeylikduzuThe triplex sea view villa in İstanbul Beylikduzu consists of a lift, a steel door, a shower cabin, a natural gas, and an alarm system.
BASE PRICE5.750.000 TLVerified Price605.400 USD
Deluxe Villas within Easy Reach of Beach in Sile IstanbulLuxury villas in Sile Istanbul are located on the Black Sea Coast. You can change the architectural details as you wish until the deadline of the project in these luxurious villas.
BASE PRICE5.250.000 TLVerified PriceFROM552.700 USD

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