If you buy a property in Turkey with Istanbul Homes, you do not need to hire an attorney. Our company lawyers prepare our sales agreements by following Turkish law. In any transaction, we act as an arbitrator between the seller and the buyer to complete the deal professionally.

For each transaction, our property lawyers in Turkey draw up a personalized contract, the terms of which are determined by our lawyers. When we add a new portfolio, we check the reputation of the construction company. We make sure you buy the property directly from the owner. We have full confidence as we have made thousands of deals every year with Zero Failure.

We have a list of independent lawyers who speak different languages ​​in addition to English. If you want, we can introduce you to one of them.

Hiring a Real Estate Lawyer or Solicitor in Turkey

What Does a Solicitor do for the Property Buyer in Turkey?

As an example, our company lawyers deal with all the legal aspects of buying or selling a property for our customers. They work with our property experts. They keep you updated regularly and support buyers by answering questions about the process of buying real estate in Turkey.

1. Checking the Legal Documents of Turkish Property

The property purchase process may differ by country. Each country has different requirements and standards. Since most foreign buyers do not have any experience in the process of buying property in Turkey, we recommend that you work with a reliable and professional real estate company with several branches and years of experience.

The most important step is finding the right home and making sure you buy the property you see. These issues and your money can be secured by lawyers with the Due Diligence Report.

The most important aspect of purchasing a property is finding the right party and ensuring that the seller is selling the property that he is showing you. These issues and your money can be secured by lawyers with a Due Diligence Report.

When you decide to buy, the first checks at the Land Registry office are carried out by a real estate lawyer. Your lawyer checks:

  • If there are basement, mortgage debt, lien, tax debt, other debts, and charges;
  • If it is freehold or not,
  • If the property is registered in the title deed or not.

Lawyers also check related licenses such as building permits and zoning permits.

2. Paying Real Estate Deposit and Sales Agreement in Turkey

The reservation contract secures the property on behalf of a buyer and guarantees the agreed price and terms of sale. It also shows that a buyer secures the agreed terms of the real estate contract by paying a deposit.

3. Real Estate Purchase Contract in Turkey

Lawyers can make the purchasing process safer and more comfortable for buyers by assisting them in the following situations:

  • If there is a reservation contract stating the terms agreed upon by the parties, a lawyer will draw up the purchase contract accordingly.
  • If the parties have not signed a contract, a lawyer will draw up the purchase contract that will legitimize the demands of both parties.
  • If a contract has already been made, a lawyer will review the contract to ensure that it is perfectly legal and buyers’ interests are not harmed.

4. Cost of Dealing with a Solicitor in Turkey

The legal service fee for lawyers is 2.500 USD + 18% VAT. It may vary depending on the attorney and purchasing process details for your case and legal entities.

Our multilingual lawyers and property experts will provide you with full assistance if you think of applying for Turkish citizenship by real estate investment. You can safely complete the entire process without paying any attorney fees.

Our sales contracts are prepared and approved by our company lawyers in accordance with Turkish laws. They meticulously follow the whole process on your behalf. So, our expert team guarantees that you will not encounter unpleasant surprises in your real estate sales.

5. Getting the Best Results from a Property Solicitor in Turkey

It may cause problems for buyers if they work with an unreliable agent or someone whose profession is not real estate. You may lose money or the results may be unexpected.

If you have any doubts about the people you are working with, it would be more logical to consult a lawyer. A lawyer will ensure that things go by the book.

Istanbul Homes offers a property purchasing process with Zero Failure under the guidance of company lawyers. They answer your questions at every step of your process and prevent possible crises.

FAQ About Lawyer and Solicitor Legal Supports in Turkey

Q: Is it compulsory to have a Turkey property lawyer when buying real estate?
No. However, if you're doing business with someone you do not know well or have doubts about, it is recommended to have a lawyer.

Q: How much does it cost to hire a solicitor to buy property in Turkey?
It is 1% of the real estate sales price. It can be a minimum of 2.500 USD + 18% VAT.

Q: Can my lawyer buy property on my behalf if I am not present?
Yes. Not only your lawyer but also anyone you trust can finalize the purchasing process for you if they have a valid power of attorney. You do not need to be at any stage of the real estate purchase. Get the details from Power of Attorney.

Q: What are the advantages of having a Turkish real estate lawyer when buying a home?
Real estate attorneys will check that all paperwork is done properly and signed by the authorities. They will also check all the legal documents of the property to make sure there is nothing wrong. They will also help you close the deal safely to avoid potential future disputes.