Property in Turkey with Cryptocurrency Payments

Istanbul Homes offer flexibility and ease of purchase to buyers and investors. You can buy a property in Turkey from Istanbul Homes with Bitcoin and other well-known cryptocurrencies. Paying with Bitcoin is easy, reliable, and fast without transaction exchange loss. We offer you 2 opportunities to pay with Bitcoin.

1: Pay with Bitcoin - Get a Title Deed on the Same Day

If you buy a property owned by Istanbul Homes, we give you a Tapu (Title Deed) when we receive money in our wallet code.

First step: We calculate the amount of Bitcoin required during payment according to the exact value of the Bitcoin stock exchange against the Euro or Dollar.

Second step: When you transfer bitcoin to the company wallet code, you get a direct title deed on the same day.Step 1: Pay with Bitcoin - Get a Title Deed on the Same Day

2: Buy Any Property with Bitcoin Payment

If you buy a property from Istanbul Homes' property listings;

First step: We calculate the Bitcoin at the current exchange rate due to the constantly changing market value of cryptocurrency.

Second step: You transfer the Bitcoin payment to Istanbul Homes' company wallet code.

Bitcoin ile Dilediğiniz Mülkü Satın AlınThird step: When you decide to sell on the price whatever you want, you can get control of the empty wallet. We convert these bitcoins to cash (TL, Dollar, or Euro). We get it ready on our Turkish bank account in 30 minutes. The daily limit is 500.000 TL. The total conversion time depends on the amount. We generally exchange it in a day up to 14 days depending on the amount of your real estate buying.

Fourth step: When we have money in our bank account, As Istanbul Homes, we transfer the money to the construction company within daily bank transaction limits.

If you buy a property with Bitcoin through Istanbul Homes, conditions are as follows;

• We demand a 3% exchange commission for this exchange service.
• Istanbul Homes is like an exchange office.
• We are converting the bitcoin to cash only for properties you buy through Istanbul Homes.

Other Cryptocurrencies

Istanbul Homes also accepts other methods of cryptocurrency payment including Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, and Ethereum.



Q: Is it possible to buy real estate in Turkey with Bitcoin?
A: Yes. It is possible to buy real estate from Istanbul Homes with Bitcoin.

Q: Can I use Bitcoin when obtaining Turkish Citizenship?
A: Yes. Istanbul Homes ® is a company competent in obtaining citizenship through investment. We have provided Turkish citizenship with bitcoin many times before.

Q: Is it safe to buy real estate with Bitcoin?
A: Yes. After signing the "Real Estate Purchase Agreement with Bitcoin" together, you transfer your Bitcoin according to this agreement. Istanbul Homes does its best for all transactions to proceed transparently and informs you at every step.

Q: Are there any limitations on the types of real estate I can buy with BTC?
A: No. You can purchase any real estate (residential, commercial, and land) from Istanbul Homes with BTC.

Q: Do I have to pay an additional tax if I buy real estate with BTC?
A: No. There is no additional tax when you purchase real estate with BTC. BTC is just a safe way to transfer money abroad.

Q: What is the length of BTC exchange time?
A: The limit of the amount of BTC that can change in one day is 1.000.000 TL. Although it varies according to the sale price of the real estate, this period lasts from one day to one week.

Q: What rates will be used in the BTC exchange process?
A: After transferring your BTC to the Istanbul Homes BTC account, we organize a video chat with you. In this chat we share on-screen, you will see the rates simultaneously and you decide which rate to use.

Q: Can I pay other expenses related to the purchase of real estate with Bitcoin?
A: Yes. You can also pay all the remaining costs with BTC.

Q: What other cryptocurrencies can I use when buying real estate with Istanbul Homes?
A: Other cryptocurrencies you can use when buying real estate from Istanbul Homes are Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Gold, Ripple, Litecoin, Tether, Stellar, and Ethereum.

Q: Can I only exchange crypto money without buying a property?
A: No. Unfortunately, we do not exchange BTC without buying property.

For other cryptocurrencies, you may contact us at +90 212 255 33 55 or visit one of our offices in Istanbul.