For each registration and financial transaction in Turkey, a tax number is the crucial ID number. Every Turkish national identification number is automatically a tax identification number.

A Tax Identification Number is an individual-assigned ten-digit number. Foreigners should have a tax number for; opening a bank account, purchasing a real estate, subscribing to utilities, issuing insurance, receiving health care, carrying out notarial procedures, applying for residency permits, etc.

This transaction usually takes less than twenty minutes. After you receive your tax ID number, you can open your bank account and carry out your official transactions. To get a tax ID number, you should go to any local tax office and apply for it. The only documents you need for this transaction are “your original passport” and "copy of your passport". Registration is free of charge. Your tax number will also be processed on the screens of all Turkish financial institutions including banks after registration, which means you'll also be able to open a bank account.


Q: Why do you need a tax ID number?
A: It is your specific identification number that will be used in your everyday life in Turkey in all the registration applications. You must have a tax identification number for processes of purchasing and selling and financial transactions including:

• Having a bank account opened,
• Title deed conveyance,
• Power of attorney transactions,
• Application for a residence permit,
• Insurance,
• Tax payments,
• Utility subscriptions.

Q: Which documents do I need to obtain a tax identification number in Turkey?
A: Your original passport and one copy of it are the required documents to get a Turkish tax ID number.

Q: Where can I get a tax ID number?
A: Every city and its districts in Turkey has tax offices, you can get a tax ID number by going to one of them.

Q:What happens if I lose my number on my tax ID?
A: By going to the tax office, you can get it reprinted.

Q:Is there a cost in Turkey to receive a Tax ID number?
A: No. In Turkey, getting a tax number is free of charge.

Q: Do I need to pay tax if I get a tax number?
A: Getting a tax ID number does not mean you will pay taxes. You can learn your debts and taxes registered to your name by using this number. It is a tool that you will use to pay your taxes when necessary such as; income tax, annual property tax, and conveyance tax.

Q:Will I get a tax identification number in Turkey if I go to the tax office?
A: Sure. However, customers of Istanbul Homes do not need that. It's part of our free after-sales programs.

Q:How long is a tax ID number valid?
A: Once you receive it, you can use your tax number without a time limit.