After buying a new property, one of the things on your to-do list will be decorating your home with new furniture. However, as a foreigner, you might need assistance with such a task since you know little about the country, brands, and prices.

Do you know how you can decorate your overseas property with the best furniture at affordable prices? Even if you have no idea at all, don’t worry. Our local team of experts will assist you to find the best-in-class items for your home.

What Does "Furniture Service" Actually Mean?

One of the after-sales services of Istanbul Homes is the furniture service. This service ensures that you are dealing with the right furniture companies and you are buying the right furniture for your newly constructed home.

Our team helps you get a good deal for all furniture, white goods, and kitchen appliances by informing you about the whole market and guiding you during the shopping.

Furniture Service | Istanbul Homes ®

How Does It Work?

Our company cooperates with several furniture companies in its service areas. Taking the property features and measures into consideration, we specify the furniture that you need. Then, we do the study in catalogs and websites. We determine your favorite type of furniture and we choose the best suitable stores for your decision. After that, we take you to the stores where our company and its customers are very welcomed. We help you to purchase white goods, kitchen appliances, electrical appliances, living room, bedroom and dining room furniture, home accessories, decoration products, seating groups, beds, sofas, and lighting fixtures of the standard and budget you want. And, for this service, we don't get paid.

Our team will assist you also with the delivery of your new furniture. If you are not at home at the time of the delivery, we are there for you. With the support of the after-sales service of Istanbul Homes, you can decorate your home as easily as possible. You save both time and money as a result. Istanbul Homes proudly provides service focused on the 100% satisfaction of customers with the experienced sales team.

For more information, please contact us if you want to find the right furniture for your dream home.


Q: Which furniture and white goods companies do Istanbul Homes cooperates with?
A: Companies that we cooperate with may vary between our service areas. We prefer dealing with companies with faster and better service. You can ask for your agent’s opinion on the best service for your home.

Q: Does Istanbul Homes charge me for furniture tours?
A: No, a furniture tour is a part of our free after-sale services.

Q:When will the furniture company deliver my products?
A: Timeframe for furniture delivery basically depends on the products you buy. If you choose the products in stock, the company will deliver your products mostly within 3 days. If you choose anything which is not in stock, the store will order it from the factories and they will inform you about the delivery date.

Q:Can I insure my furniture and white goods?
A: Yes, there are home insurance packages that cover your household goods against many cases such as earthquake, theft, and fire. Read more about Property Insurance.

Q: Should I pay extra for the guarantee?
A: No. The items you buy have a guarantee period depending on the product. Washing machines and dishwashers, for example, most have a standard guarantee of three years. A mattress on the other hand mostly has a guarantee of 10 years. You can add extra years of warranty to your product by paying a little extra.