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Tekce Academy

Are You Ready to Climb Dream Career Steps Emphatically With Us?

We established Tekce Academy in Istanbul Göztepe in 2019 to improve our current and future colleagues' personal and professional life and work together more efficiently. Our aim is to work with passionate, dynamic, innovative, and productive people who want to specialize in their fields.

Whether you have experience in the real estate industry to join us is not a critical issue. The most important criteria for us in the people we seek is to be an open-minded and good person, to give importance to development. It is an important criterion to know the language to be served well and to be competent and fluent in this language.

Efficient Education at Tekce Academy

New employees joining us are starting a 6-week training program meticulously carried out by Mr. Levent Bektaş who is the Tekce Academy Manager.

We believe that one of the main reasons for our success in the industry is our highly successful and educated work team. We provide the technological infrastructure and equipment necessary for the professional life of our staff. By adopting the "human-first" principle, we create a healthy, pleasant, dynamic, and modern working environment for our employees. We always take encouraging approaches to keep the energies and motivations of our employees at the highest level.

We think that a good working environment provides all the necessary conditions for our colleagues to insist on the "can do" positive approach, and believe that the efficient environment will significantly increase the loyalty and happiness of our colleagues.

Tekce AcademyTekce Academy
Tekce AcademyTekce Academy

6-Week Training Program Process with Experienced Team

We are quite different from other real estate companies with our highly motivated work team and our way of doing business. Tekce Academy provides the training you need when you join us with the help of an experienced team and supports all staff with an efficient 6-week training program. We are with you with all the professional support and technical tools necessary to make your career successful. During this period, you will experience all the points that need attention and the professional approach we show to our customers. With practical studies throughout the day, you will focus quickly on your career and have all the necessary qualifications in the real estate industry.

International Career Opportunities

We are constantly evolving to achieve universal success, and we are looking for amazing people who want to join us! In the future process, those who have been trained and started their successful career at Tekce Academy will subsequently work in our offices in Antalya, Istanbul, Alanya, Bursa, and Trabzon as well as in our new offices in Bodrum, Izmir, Ankara, Yalova, Mersin and Fethiye.

You Are Always Welcome to Visit Us!

Please take a note, our address is Merdivenköy Mah. Nur Sok., Business Istanbul, A Blok No:1A/ 410, 34732, Kadıköy, İstanbul

You may use the following transportation methods to reach our office located in Göztepe neighborhood:

Bus: Drop off at 229681 coded IST.MEDENIYET.UNV. the bus station and walk to Business Istanbul.

Metro: Get on M4; Drop off at Kadıköy-Kartal metro line or Göztepe metro station, walk to Business Istanbul.

Marmaray: Drop off at Ayrılık Çeşmesi, after that you may get on Tavşantepe M4 metro line and drop off att Göztepe station and you would take exit No 2.

Academy Training Archive

Tekce Academy, 1st GraduatesTekce Academy, 2nd Graduates

  1st Training Program: Real Estate Agent,
  Operation Supervisor
  Trainer: Levent Bektaş
  Number of Graduates: 17
  Training Period and Duration: 01.10.2019 -
  08.11.2019 / 6 weeks

  2nd Training Program: Real Estate Agent,
  Operation Supervisor
  Trainer: Levent Bektaş
  Number of Graduates: 11
  Training Period and Duration: 02.12.2019 -
  11.01.2020 / 6 weeks

Tekce Academy, 3rd GraduatesTekce Academy, 4th Graduates

  3rd Training Program:  Portfolio Supervisor
  Trainer: Levent Bektaş
  Number of Graduates: 4
  Training Period and Duration: 17.02.2020 -
  14.03.2020 / 4 weeks

  4th Training Program: Office Manager, Real   
  Estate Agent, Operation Supervisor, Portfolio
  Trainer: Levent Bektaş
  Number of Graduates: 15
  Training Period and Duration: 13.07.2020 - 
  22.08.2020 / 6 weeks

Tekce Academy, 5th GraduatesTekce Academy, 6th Graduates

  5th Training Program: Real Estate Agent, Operation Supervisor
  Trainer: Levent Bektaş
  Number of Graduates: 15
  Training Period and Duration: 05.10.2020 - 14.11.2020
  6 weeks

  6th Training Program: Office Manager, Company Lawyer,
  Editor in Chief, Portfolio Supervisor
  Trainer: Levent Bektaş
  Number of Graduates: 9
  Training Period and Duration: 05.01.2021 - 13.02.2021
  6 weeks

Tekce Academy, 7th GraduatesTekce Academy, 8th Graduates

  7th Training Program: Portfolio Supervisor, Real Estate
  Agent, Operation Supervisor
  Trainer: Levent Bektaş
  Number of Graduates: 13
  Training Period and Duration: 15.03.2021 - 24.04.2021
  6 weeks

  8th Training Program: Portfolio Supervisor
  Trainer: Levent Bektaş
  Number of Graduates: 9
  Training Period and Duration: 25.05.2021 - 12.06.2021
  3 weeks