Property Purchasing

Buying a property in Turkey can seem challenging and scary at first. However, with Istanbul Homes, you can leave all these concerns behind. In addition to guiding customers at every stage of the purchasing process, Istanbul Homes provides after-sales services with all the support and information you may need afterward. Once you have decided to buy a property in Turkey, the process will proceed quite smoothly and easily if you choose to work with Istanbul Homes.

Main Steps of Buying Property in Turkey

1. Preparing Your Wish List

Preparing Your Wish ListOne of your first steps is to prepare your wish list. In order for us to provide you a better service, you need to answer questions such as for what purpose you will buy the house, which region you prefer, what are the main features of the property, etc.

Istanbul Homes has gathered the most valuable and best properties in Turkey. For this reason, the list should be prepared as thoroughly as possible in order to make the matching that most suits you.

If your wish list is ready, you are ready for the next step, a viewing tour. Our representative will continue to send you some offers until your arrival in order to finalize your wish list.

2. Viewing Tour

Viewing TourNow it is time to plan your trip to Turkey to see how it feels to live here.

Our Sales Agent who speaks your language will pick you up from your hotel, make a short presentation in our office and then your viewing tour will begin. We will listen carefully to all your questions and requests so that we can show you 3 or 4 properties that best suit your wishes and desires.

Also, no need to wait for this process to come to Turkey! Thanks to the TeleProperty service we are offering, you can also arrange a virtual viewing tour.
With TeleProperty, you will have the chance to visit the property and ask questions directly to the owner without leaving your home.

3: Paying a Deposit and Signing the Sales Agreement

Paying a Deposit and Signing the Sales AgreementAfter choosing the property you would like to buy, the final price is determined and the payment plan is created clearly.

An average deposit of 5,000 USD/EUR must be paid to commit your purchase of the property and to reserve it.

Working directly with the buyer and the seller, we do not include any intermediaries. We make sure that every detail is reviewed and mutually agreed upon before the contract is signed.

We make sure you to get your property under the following conditions;

• The exact one is shown to you
• From the actual seller
• Debt-free
• Under mutually agreed with conditions

We prepare the official sales contract, which includes all the details, in your preferred language. The down payment should be made within 1 to 4 weeks after signing the agreement. The amount is on average between 30% and 50% of the sales price. The remaining amount is paid at the title deed conveyance stage.

4: Legal Procedures

Legal ProceduresThere are some necessary formal procedures for the purchase to be finalized. You will need a Turkish tax number first. Your passport will be enough to get a tax number. We will support you in the rest of the process.

Another thing you will need is a bank account. We will open this account for you, where you will make all the payments related to the purchase. You can also use this account for your service subscriptions later. All you need to open a bank account is a copy of your passport and an invoice proving your address in your country.

A valuation report will be required in all property sales to foreign buyers in Turkey to confirm the actual value of the property. We work with our state-approved partners for an accurate and safe assessment.

If you do not want to be here in this process, you can give us, your lawyer or legal representative power of attorney.

5: Signing the Title Deed and Moving

Signing the Title Deed and MovingWe came to the last and most beautiful step. You are ready to get your title deed and move to your fancy home. Again, you don't need to be here to get your title. Just send us a power of attorney.

Coming to this stage means that all final payment is completed and all taxes are paid. Congratulations! Now you have a property in Turkey.

After all these processes are over, we will continue to be with you with our after-sales services.


Q: How can I find my dream home?
If you have a list of features that you are looking for, the next step is to find a real estate agent. Your agent should be professional, experienced, and most important, he should understand your expectations. Once you and your agent have clear communication, your agent will easily guide you to your dream property.

Q: How many properties should I see during a viewing tour?
Three or four properties are good for a viewing day. Fewer options might not help you find the one you wish, while more options may confuse you at the time of examining your options.

Q: What is a good real estate agent like?
A good real estate agent should be professional and experienced. Besides, your agent should be caring and understanding. You should have clear communication and understanding with each other. A real estate agent is supposed to assist and guide you during the purchasing process. He shouldn’t be “make a sell oriented”, instead he should care about you, your expectations, and your savings. Professionals know: Sales success comes automatically when the business is appropriately done.

Q: How can I ensure that the property I buy has no problems?
Checking the appraisal report could be a good start. If the property is debt-free, all construction and habitability certificates are provided and the physical condition of the property is good, this means you are buying a property without problems.

Q: Are the legal procedures long-lasting and complicated?
Legal procedures for buying a property in Turkey are not complicated when it's compared to most of the countries. If you have already transferred your money to Turkey, you can get the title deed within four working days after choosing the property.

Q: Can everybody purchase a property in Turkey?
Yes, everyone from any country, except for politically unrecognized countries, can buy properties in Turkey.

Q: Is it possible to purchase a property in Turkey remotely?
Yes. Thanks to our TeleProperty service, you can buy properties in Turkey remotely. You can contact us directly to book your online viewing trip.

Q: How much of a deposit payment would be appropriate while signing a contract?
Paying 10% of the purchasing price as a deposit is proper. This shows that you are a serious buyer and respect the terms agreed during the negotiation.

Q: Is it advantageous to hire a lawyer for buying a property in Turkey?
Not in all cases. If you are dealing with a professional real estate agent, your agent will help you protect your rights and close the deals successfully. However, if you are not feeling comfortable while purchasing a property in a foreign country, you may prefer hiring a lawyer to follow up on the process for you.

Q: Why should I deal with Istanbul Homes while purchasing a property?
Istanbul Homes guarantees 100% customer happiness and “Zero Failure”. We have the best price guarantee which means you will not find a cheaper price anywhere else than ours for the same property. Related pages; Why is Istanbul Homes the Leader in Turkish Real Estate Market?, Testimonials of Istanbul Homes Customers

Further Information

If you have more questions about the process described above, visit our WikiProperty page. Or contact our sales representative by email, phone or one of our local offices.

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