Real Estate in Istanbul

Real Estate in Istanbul

Istanbul Homes ® offers a wide variety of real estate in Istanbul including apartments, houses, commercial properties, and lands. Contact us today to buy real estate in Istanbul! Find real estate for sale in Istanbul by using the filters on the left side to refine your search.

The Present and the Future of Istanbul Real Estate Market

Many people consider buying properties for sale in Istanbul, the magical city of Turkey. Istanbul is a vibrant city of modern life in Turkey. At present, there are many luxury real estate opportunities in Istanbul. Luxury residential construction is continuing rapidly. Istanbul's real estate market will not lose its charm in the future as hundreds of luxurious residential projects will be completed.

Istanbul Real Estate for Sale

You can find every option you want in Istanbul. For example; a small real estate for sale in the city center or a large luxurious, newly furnished villa beside the pine forests. There are many offers and various options in Istanbul. You can buy the entire building with many apartments for investment, and you can rent out or resale these apartments. All these options displayed for sale in cash or convenient installments.

As for why no need to explain it! These residential complexes have led to the formation of new urban areas and transportation networks in Istanbul. The increasing amount of investment in the real estate sector can be compared with other European countries.

In the future, the scene looks very promising. If you want to evaluate your money and invest, take a look at Istanbul's real estate listings. Do not miss the best opportunity to assess your money. The real estate market in Istanbul is faced with an unprecedented refresh in real estate. The main reasons for this are flexible investment real estate laws adopted by Turkey. Giant and medium-sized construction companies have increased the construction of residential complexes to meet the increasing demand in the real estate market. Buying real estate in Istanbul is a profitable operation. It is a way to use your money wisely. It would be preferable to buy real estate in a place where there is a high demand for rental. In these areas, the money flow from the investment is very high within a short period.

These and other significant information contribute successfully to our company which provides basic services to the investor in detail. It is a chance to be investing in one of the most successful opportunities in the field of investment.

Why Should you Buy a Property in Istanbul with the Help of a Real Estate Agent?

It may seem easy to find real estate for sale in Istanbul, which is Turkey's largest and most populous city. It is not easy to find the best property for sale in Istanbul for your budget and your wishes. That's why it is essential to get help from a professional real estate agent in Istanbul. Our first goal is to offer our customers the best service as a leading real estate agency in Istanbul. You can find many luxury residential projects launched in Istanbul in our portfolio. We are waiting for you as the Istanbul Homes team to be able to provide you the best service. We offer you these services from the first moment you contact us:

• Istanbul real estate price presentation that is most appropriate to your budget and in the desired location
• Let's say, you like real estate and you want to come to Istanbul. We pick you up from your hotel and take a viewing tour.
• Determining the most appropriate property for your budget and your wishes and real estate presentation begins.
• When you find the property you want, the buying process begins. At this stage, Istanbul Homes will be there at every step with its experienced team; from the purchase of tax number to the title deed.
• We may help the purchase subscriptions of electricity and water after receiving the title deed.

We have developed a custom website design to offer you real estate service in Istanbul. You can easily find the property you are looking for and search using special filters. You can choose the location, price, and the number of rooms you want at search options. Thus, the most suitable properties for sale are ranked for you between hundreds of options. You will have information about Istanbul's real estate prices and you can easily examine real estate for sale in Istanbul. Istanbul Homes is waiting for you with experienced Istanbul estate agents who always ready to advise you in matters of real estate.

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Real Estate in a Complex with Pools in Istanbul SilivriBrand new real estate in Silivri Istanbul is situated in a secure complex within close reach of the beach and D-100 highway. The complex includes a spacious communal garden area and swimming pools.
BASE PRICE1.024.000 TLVerified PriceFROM118.400 USD
Brand New Flats in a Luxurious Complex in BasaksehirState guaranteed residential project is located in Basaksehir near the subway. The project with several flat types also offers an advantageous investment opportunity.
BAŞAKŞEHIR - ISTANBUL2+1, 3+1, 4+1, 5+12
BASE PRICE1.824.000 TLVerified PriceFROM211.000 USD
Luxury Designed Renovated 1+1 Apartment in Fatih IstanbulLuxe and modern apartment is located in Fatih Istanbul which is called Old Istanbul. The apartment takes attention with its advantageous location and being close to Beyazit, Laleli, and Taksim.
BASE PRICE630.000 TLVerified Price72.900 USD
Modern and Luxe Duplex Apartment with Sea View in KadikoyThe Luxurious apartment is located in Kadikoy, Fenerbahce near the coastline. Contemporary designed apartment equipped with rich features also has two spacious terraces with magnificent sea view.
BASE PRICE18.800.000 TLVerified Price2.174.500 USD

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Deluxe Villas within Easy Reach of Beach in Sile IstanbulLuxury villas in Sile Istanbul are located on the Black Sea Coast. You can change the architectural details as you wish until the deadline of the project in these luxurious villas.
BASE PRICE4.500.000 TLVerified PriceFROM520.500 USD
Apartments Suitable for Family Life in Istanbul BasaksehirFamily concept apartments for sale in Basaksehir Istanbul are located in a brand new project that social activities, peaceful environment, and comfort meet.
BASE PRICE1.888.000 TLVerified PriceFROM218.400 USD

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Well-kept Apartment in a Secure Complex in Istanbul EsenyurtThe apartment in Istanbul Esenyurt for sale is situated in a privileged location that is close to the metrobus station and facilities. The apartment is in a complex with a swimming pool and a sauna.
BASE PRICE950.000 TLVerified Price109.900 USD
Land for Sale Close to D-100 Highway in İstanbulThe land that is located in the urban transformation region in Atasehir, is within walking distance to public transportations such as subway, buses. The 302 sqm land is surrounded by many trees.
BASE PRICE3.955.000 TLVerified Price457.500 USD

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