Istanbul is located on 2 different continents and separated by the Bosphorus, which is connected by bridges. The city is the intersection of sea and land trade routes; this strategic location makes it the economic center of Turkey. The third airport, Bosphorus bridges are the main link between Europe and Asia which helps in the development of these areas. So, Istanbul is the most important city in the economic and socio-cultural aspects of the country.

Turkey is rapidly moving toward its goal of being one of the ten largest economies in the world until 2023 with new Istanbul projects. For this purpose, there are 5 ongoing big projects where 3 of them will be completed within the next 7 months in Istanbul. The total cost of those gigantic projects exceeded 7 billion dollars, and it is being followed closely by international investors. With the completion of these projects, Istanbul is getting closer to its goal of becoming the most important financial center in the world.

3 Huge Projects To Be Implemented in The Next 7 Months in Istanbul

Osman Gazi Bridge

Osmangazi Bridge is 2,682 meters long and its middle span of the 1,550 meters on the Marmara Sea. The new bridge is the world's 4. longest suspension bridge and Europe's second bridge. The investment cost of this project has reached 9 billion dollars. The completion of this project will have a positive impact on annual savings that will reach 870 million dollars, and increasing Turkey’s trade volume. The project was implemented on June 30, 2016, and the bridge was completed in 39 months. The 8,000 workers worked in the construction of the bridge.

Advantages of the bridge;

• Osmangazi bridge forms the largest leg of Gebze - Orhangazi - Izmir highway project.
• It will decrease the distance between Gebze - Yalova, and Istanbul from 2 hours to 5-6 minutes.
• Getting to Bursa can be just 1 hour, instead of 2.30-3, getting to Izmir can be just 3.5-4 hours, instead of 8-10 and Eskisehir transportation will be jus 2-2.5 hours.
• Economic losses caused by the increase in operating expenses will be eliminated.
• Environmental factors stemming from the traffic jams like the emissions growths and noise pollution to be minimized.
• Highway 7% will ensure the growth of the regional economy.
• Saving to fuel and time will be provided.
• Land and housing prices in the region will increase. So, investments will win great momentum.

Consequently, with the Bay Bridge, many sectors in Turkey will come alive.

The 3.rd Bosphorus Bridge (Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge)

Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge is 1,875 meters long, is 322 m in height, and its a middle span of 1.408 meters. Also, The Bridge will be the world's largest suspension bridge with a 59 m width. This bridge will be a high-tech and engineering product. It will be among the world's leading bridges with aesthetic and technical features. The investment cost of this project has reached 4.5 billion dollars, where it will connect the Asian and European sides to both land and rail. This project is being built to overcome the transportation problems of Istanbul and relieve the traffic load of the other bridges. 700 engineers and a total of 6,500 workers are working on this project. The project will be completed on August 16, 2016.

Advantages of the bridge;

• The world’s largest airport, which will be the third airport in Istanbul, the new channel in Istanbul, Ataturk Airport, and Sabiha Gokcen airport will all be connected through this bridge.
• It will be an uninterrupted intercity and intra-city rail transport from Izmit until Edirne, this rail system integrated with Marmaray and Istanbul Subway will connect the three airports together.
• It will provide the links to the inner city of Istanbul and to ease the heavy traffic on the TEM Highway.
• Fuel-saving will be provided.
• Cars will pass safe, seamless, and comfortable.
• Transportation alternatives and trade capacity will increase.

3 Huge Projects To Be Implemented in The Next 7 Months in Istanbul

Eurasia Tunnel

Eurasia Tunnel will connect the European and Asian sides of the Bosphorus, which will serve the area between Goztepe and Kazlicesme through the seafloor. Eurasia Tunnel will cover a total of 14.6 kilometers. It understood with the Parsons Brinckerhoff International company for Eurasia Tunnel. The investment cost of this project has reached 285 million 121 thousand 188 American Dollars. The two-floor tunnel construction started on the Asian side and completed on the European side. This project will be completed fully on December 20, 2016.

Advantages of the tunnel;

• When the Project is completed Ataturk airport, and Sabiha Gokcen airport will be connected through the most practical route between the two airports, which will result in an important contribution to air transportation in Turkey.
• Asian and European sides of up to 100 minutes of journey time will be reduced to 15 minutes.
• You will be experienced fast and safe travel with this tunnel project.
• Traffic will flow better due to the expansion at the entry and exit points of the tunnel.
• This new tunnel will reduce the travel distance, increase the flow of traffic, and provide fuel saving.

The tunnel has been designed just for light vehicles like automobiles and minibusses. Wayfarers, heavy vehicles, and two-wheeled vehicles like motorcycles and bikes will not take advantage of the tunnel.