Beylikduzu, Istanbul

Many international investors have their eyes on the Beylikduzu property market and for good reasons. Although Istanbul is Turkey’s best performing real estate sector, certain neighborhoods are outranking others when it comes to gaining homebuyers' attention.

Beylikduzu is one of them. Luring families, couples, and single buyers with community charm, excellent facilities, and a strategic location, if you are looking at property for sale in Istanbul, the district steps up to the podium as an ideal contender.

About Beylikduzu

In recent years, many professionals have bought a property in Beylikdüzü boosting its reputation as a middle-class destination. Families and retirees also a favorite, but without a doubt, as Turkey grew its yachting tourism industry, this garnered attention from foreign nationalities because of West Istanbul and nearby Ataköy marinas.

The area has three major claims to fame. It’s a gorgeous coastal destination. Hence city residents like it as a getaway. This is nothing new because sultans during the Ottoman empire often visited to relax and enjoy nature.

Beylikdüzü is also the king of shopping in Istanbul, hence its nickname as the Republic of Shops. Residents get to choose from large malls like Migros, Beylicium, Perla Vista, and Marmara Park AVM on the outskirts with neighboring Esenyurt that offers everything under one roof including shops, cinema, fast-food outlets, and kid’s entertainment activities.

Lastly, while people criticize other neighborhoods of Istanbul for the lack of green space, they can’t say the same as Beylikdüzü. The area has the highest amount of green space per person.

Beylikduzu, Istanbul

About the Beylikdüzü Property Market

One thing Beylikdüzü does well is to accommodate many buyers with its vast portfolio. First-time, budget buyers can get their foot on the Istanbul real estate market with low priced studio apartments, while couples, families, and retirees without a budget will be surprised at the luxury, luxurious villas for sale.

Apartments are centrally based and close to all shops and transport links. Architects also designed them with community features on your doorstep like swimming pools, Turkish hammams, gardens, working paths, and on-site fitness gyms.

Luxury villas with more privacy and gorgeous sea views dominate the coastline areas, in neat suburban neighborhoods that make it hard to believe the area belongs to Turkey’s most significant and busiest city.

6 Reasons to Buy Property in Beylikduzu

10 Neighborhoods to Choose From: Beylikdüzü separates into 10 smaller neighborhoods, each with its own characteristics and social demographics. Cumhuriyet and Buyuksehir areas have easy access to the D100 and E5 highways. Coastal areas include Dereağzı, Sahil, Marmara (marina district,) Yakuplu that neighbors Avcılar and the beach and beach club district of Gürpınar.

Varied Real Estate Portfolio: The intense interest of Turks and international buyers boosts the extensive real portfolio to include off-plan, key-ready and resale 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6-bedroom apartments and villas. Architects have also taken great care with new properties to include green features and copious amounts of interior space. Not only are the new properties pleasing on the eye, but they incorporate modern elements and accommodate the demands of today’s buyers.

Excellent Capital Appreciation: Buying property is a huge life decision to make. A home is not only somewhere to live but also a vital asset of an investment portfolio. Due to the late development of Turkey’s market, there is a long-term mass potential for capital appreciation.

Market Liquidity: However, should you need to convert your bricks and mortar assets into hard cash quickly, the existing market is ever-evolving. Buyers will also not only be marketing to Turks but also international buyers, therefore giving you a global audience.

Affordable Payment Plans: Most Turkish buyers have mortgages while foreigners pay cash upfront, but for those who are interested in financing, many homes for sale have interest-free credit, ranging from 12 to 36 months. This suits first-time buyers eager to get their foot on the Turkish housing market.

Quick Buying Process: Years ago, the Turkish property buying process for foreigners was long and drawn out, often taking months. The government kicked into action though and eliminated most of the unnecessary red tape that hampered the process. From the viewing process to putting down a deposit to signing for your title deeds, you can own a new home in as little as a week.

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