Buying a Car in Turkey

Car sales are made by the notary which takes approximately 15 minutes. If you buy a new car, all processes are handled by its sales company.

You should prepare all the necessary documents for the sales process. The documents are as follows:

• License (ruhsat in Turkish) and traffic document provided by the seller
• Notary sales document provided by the notary
• Valid identity document (Identity card, Turkish driver's license, notarized passport translation with original passport)
• Power of Attorney (If transactions are to be made by another person)
• Valid address and phone number

All costs are covered by the buyer

• Notary Documents: 165 TL
• Notary Fee: 932,65 TL
• Document Printing Fee: 23,76 TL
• A new car sales fee (if the car is new): 1.072,02 TL

The conditions that may prevent the car sale at the notary

• The vehicle has a motor vehicle tax debt or the tax has not been fully paid
• The vehicle has HGS or OGS (Otomatic Passing System) debt
• The vehicle has an unpaid traffic penalty
• The vehicle's last inspection date has passed
• There is a lien or pledge on the vehicle, the sale is forbidden

The notary process for a car sale

• All the necessary documents are presented to the notary.
• If there are no legal obstacles for a sale, the contracts of sales and transfer are prepared by the notary.
• One of the contracts is kept in the notary archive, one is given to the seller, and another one is given to the buyer.
• Notary public fees, taxes, and fees of current transactions are calculated by the cashier.
• The car transfer fee should be paid by the buyer. Unless otherwise stated, the seller does not pay any notary fees.
• After the payments are made, sales confirmation is obtained.
• The buyer will receive the license immediately after sales confirmation.

Traveling to Turkey by Road

Rent a Car in Turkey

If you do not want to buy a car or use public transportation, renting a car could be a good choice. If you are staying for less than 2 months in Turkey, you may rent a car to avoid paperwork and save time. Yet, it would be better to buy a car for longer stays.

Automatic passing system (HGS and OGS)

After buying a car, you should apply for OGS/HGS (automatic passing system) from any PTT offices or bank in Turkey to enable you to use the paid highways, bridges, and tunnels.

• HGS (Hızlı Geçiş Sistemi in Turkish): It is a High-Speed Passage System which allows you to pass at highway speed through the toll area.
• OGS (Otomatik Geçiş Sistemi in Turkish): It is an Automatic Passage System. The slow-speed automatic toll system where you drive more slowly through a toll gate. Your transponder pays the toll.

All of Turkey's toll highways and bridges have been converted to the HGS that means that you cannot pay the toll by cash or credit card. You have to be enrolled in the HGS system at any PTT branch by giving a photocopy of your auto registration documents and your passport.

Your car will be equipped with either an electronic-chip sticker or a toll transponder (small plastic device) mounted at the top-center of the windshield. If you rent a car, this system comes with the car.

Check Stop

The traffic police are active on the roads with radar guns to check your speed limits. They may randomly stop you to check your car papers.

Car Parking

• There are many parking lots and areas for parking which are generally organized by the local municipality.
• When you park in the street, a parking attendant put a ticket for stating the time you parked on the windscreen. The fee is determined by the time you stay.
• There are also private parking companies.
• Most of the shopping malls are free or free for at least the first 3 hours.
• If you park in an area where parking is not permitted, you have to pay fines. Parking fines can be paid at banks or post offices.

Fuel and service areas

Both petrol and diesel are placed in all gas stations. There is a gas pomp attendance that provides gas to your car. You can fulfill your needs in almost every gas station such as toilets, restaurants, markets, etc.

Traffic Signboards

The traffic signboards are quite enough to follow the route you want to take. You can go to other cities by following the boards. You can also use your navigation to get everywhere.