On July 3, the UK government published a list of the safest 59 countries for vacation during the Covid-19 quarantine, of which Turkey is one. Turkey, which has successful pandemic management, continues to take more additional measures to prevent the negative impacts of the Covid-19 on tourism.

Healthy Tourism Certification for Safe Vacation

Turkey has started to take a step for the country's tourism industry in the controlled Covid-19 normalization process. The official authorities and sector representatives held many meetings for the necessary steps for a safe vacation. So, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism has launched an official program named Healthy Tourism Certification to indicate the fulfillment of high health and hygiene standards at facilities with contributions of the Ministries of Health, Transport, Internal Affairs, and Foreign Affairs and the cooperation of the sector representatives. All details are taken into consideration for the certification program, from the training of the hotel employees to the reorganizing of common-use areas.

The measures, which will be taken in hotels, holiday village, etc., are quite strict, but it promises to provide the safest conditions for vacation. Some of them are as follows:

• All common-use areas, including pool surroundings and sunbed groups in tourism facilities, will be arranged following the social distance plan.
• Tourism facilities will accept guests at a determined capacity that maintains the social distance rules.
• Thermal camera or contactless fever measurement applications will be made at the entrance to the facility.
• Contactless payment will be received from the customer as much as possible.
• Disinfection carpets (mats) and hand disinfection will be available for guests.
• If possible, the entrance doors of the public toilets will have an automatic door system.
• Personal protective equipment like masks and gloves will be available to be given to guests.
• If the guests or employees have the symptoms of the disease, the authorities will be notified. The patients will isolate until taking over by the health institutions.

Many facilities, which applied to this program, have been awarded the certificate. A few of our city suggestions, where you can easily find certified hotels, are listed below.

The Top Safest Vacation Spots in Turkey


As a tourism capital of Turkey, Antalya offers the best holiday with superbly preserved ancient sites, green nature, blue-flag beaches, all-inclusive hotels, and goes on. There are not enough words to explain the beauty of the city.

Antalya is amongst the least-affected cities in Turkey during the pandemic and also one of the first seven provinces to have travel restrictions lifted. Most of the hotels in Antalya has a healthy tourism certificate which shows that all required measures are taken.


Marmaris is one of the most beautiful holiday destinations in the Mediterranean and Aegean with its pine-covered nature and beautiful Marmaris beaches. Each point of Marmaris is gorgeous, but in general, those who are looking for a more lively holiday prefer Icmeler holiday resort.

As in every corner of Turkey, Marmaris hosts many historical monuments and places such as Amos Ancient City, Hafsa Sultan Caravanserai, Marmaris Castle and Archaeological Museum.

Moreover, it is quite possible that you will have the most beautiful seafood dishes in Marmaris, especially octopus. There are many great places where you can have excellent meals, good breakfasts with the sea view.


Çeşme is a famous coastal town of İzmir, which carries the traces of Ion and Ottoman civilizations. She has become one of the most prominent centers in Turkey thanks to its thermal resources, rich culinary culture, and colorful local life. There are many beautiful beaches where you can enjoy the sun and cool waters of the Aegean Sea.

You can take your holiday to the next level in Çeşme with unique local tastes of Aegean cuisine. Seafood, dishes made with olive oil and herbs hold an important place in the cuisine. In Çeşme, you can find delicious seafood made of fresh fishes presented with many types of appetizers. Besides, don't forget to taste the famous Kumru and Boyoz of Izmir!


Cappadocia, which has hosted many civilizations, is a famous historical region in Central Anatolian. Being ranked 5th in the 25 New Wonders of the World list, she has also been on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 1985.

About 60 million years ago, she was formed by the wind and rain waters of the ash and soft layer of the volcanic land created by Erciyes Mountain, Güllü Mountain, and Hasan Mountain. Although natural conditions form the basis of this region, the fairy chimneys carved by human hands constitute the real magical side of Cappadocia.

Cappadocia has many places to visit, but also offers many different activities for visitors such as the famous balloon tours, the full moon walks, underground cities, etc.

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