6th of the gathering for the real estate industry in Istanbul took place on December 7, 2022, with a strategic partnership by MIPIM. The theme of this year's event was “From Turkey to Global in the New Century”.

The chairman of Tekçe Overseas Gayrimenkul AŞ and the vice president of GIGDER, Bayram Tekçe, also participated in the event and gave a speech on the subject of "Digital Migration and Opportunities for Turkey".

Numerous speeches were made by significant businesspeople of Turkey during the event, which have been a great success in terms of demand and interest. The exciting event focused on the present and the future of the real estate industry in the context of emerging developments in the digital world.

RE360 Real Estate Summit in IstanbulHere are some of the speeches made during the summit:

• Avi Alkaş - “From Turkey to the Global and Promise of 100th year”
• Bahar Özay - “United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and Real Estate Sector”
• Afşin Yurdakul - “To Turkey from the World”
• Lauriane Hallé - “New Generation Real Estate: Proptech”
• Sina Afra - “Digital Transformation and Adaptation”
• Ufuk Akçigit - “Do We Truly Make Use of Our Economic Resources?”
• Baki Budakoğlu & Ugur Ünal & Merter Özay - “ Existing in the International Arena”
• Kevin D. Gray - “Investing in the Emerging Real Estate Market”
• Cem Eriç & Orçun Makal & Hüseyin Altaş - “Shopping Malls Are Valuable with Their Contribution to Turkish Economy and Social Life”
• Semet Yolaç Canlıel - “New Trends on Commercial Properties: What’s Next?”
• Ersin Şekerci & Nevzat Yavan -” We Brought New Customs to the Old World”
• Sabri Paşayiğit & Evren Arın - Speaking the Same Language from Architecture to Construction
• Erkut Çavuş - “New Generation Cooperative System”
• Kaan Namlıcı & Begüm Kaya & Feyzan Ersinan - “Global Influence, Local Collaboration”
• Bayram Tekçe & Ömer Faruk Akbal - “Digital Migration and Opportunities for Turkey”

New-generation investment instruments, immigration due to the latest events around the globe and influences on the real estate market, real estate trends of 2023, and the relations between Metaverse and the property market were also among the discussed topics. Visit emsal.com to get more information about the contexts of speeches made during the event.

The summit was held in Mandarin Oriental Bosphorus Hotel in Istanbul on December 7, 2022. The event brought many businesspeople, entrepreneurs, and investors together from numerous sectors such as finance, real estate, construction, insurance, tourism, entertainment, and law.

The launch of the new publishing by GIGDER (Real Estate International Promotion Association) titled “Dünyada Göç ve Yatırımcı İlişkisi” subjecting to the correlation between investors and immigration was also made at this event. Mr. Bayram Tekçe, the chairman of our company and the vice president of GIGDER, has given a comprehensive speech on the subject.

During his speech, Mr. Tekçe highlighted the fact that digital migration has become a common practice around the world, in line with the highly increasing demand for remote-based working models after the pandemic.

Bayram Tekçe also pointed out the government incentive programs offered by countries regarding residency and citizenship applications. Mr. Tekçe discussed the importance of digital migration for the real estate sector, and ways of uplifting possible outcomes by saying “Almost all countries have started organizing programs to attract digital immigrants. When we examine the global investment migration market, we clearly see that the demand is actually focused on residency rather than citizenship. The ecosystem should be more institutionalized and the intermediary institutions on foreign sales should be trained, licensed, and certified. For an investor-friendly ecosystem, bureaucratic channels should be separately considered as investors and other immigrants.”.

The windup speech titled “From Turkey to Global and Promise of 100th Year” was moderated by Avi Alkaş, chairman of Alkaş & Han Spaces. Following the closure speech, all businesspeople gathered on the stage to make a promise to do their best to provide a better future for the next generations.