Both the International Property Show and the MIPIF exhibition of foreign real estate in Moscow drew great interest. Thousands of visitors from all over the world participated in these exhibitions to experience the latest news and opportunities from the real estate world.

Vibrant International Real Estate Month in Moscow

mipif-fair-in-russia-tekce-overseas-teamOn November 11-12, Russia’s first professional real estate exhibition, which was launched in 2003 first, Moscow International Property Show was held this year. Real estate companies from over 20 countries including Turkey, Spain, North Cyprus, France, and Germany joined the exhibition.

Right after, on 26-27 November, Moscow International Property Investment Forum, MIPIF was held as among the most important overseas real estate exhibition, both in Moscow and Russia. Leading real estate companies from all over the world participated in the MIPIF exhibition in Moscow to present their services in various countries. In addition to physical events, the MIPIF Online Expo also can be accessible to visitors.

The main aim of these international real estate fairs in Moscow was to meet the companies with customers who want to get information about real estate investment, potential opportunities, and overseas property ownership processes. The visitors showed great interest in both events as there are various worldwide companies ready at service.

Tekce Overseas was One of the Shining Stars in Moscow Property Exhibitions!

Tekce Overseas, as a company with the mission of reaching more people always, participated in both exhibitions. Our professional teams in both Moscow real estate exhibitions presented our modern and fast services. From property for sale in Istanbul to luxury houses in Spain, we presented our services in the most ideal way.

In these exhibitions, we received huge attention. Our teams helped visitors to find their next property in their very desired location at the best prices. Also, our teams gave information on foreigners’ property ownership phases in our professional and experienced work areas; Turkey, Spain, and North Cyprus.

If you are willing to buy your next home or investment under the sun, we are as close as contacting us.