With its lovely bays, warm weather, and outstanding architecture, Montenegro is a beloved Adriatic coast. The country offers visitors a window into a fascinating world, thanks to its excellent surroundings, which are home to many stunning natural treasures.

Budva is the coastal city in Montenegro that receives the most tourists with its extensive sandy beaches. It is always a favorite due to its rich historical background, medieval Stari Grad neighborhood, and nearby beautiful Sveti Stefan Island, just a 15-minute drive.

Budva is one of the most colorful cities in the Balkans with a lively nightlife. When you visit here, you will hear a lot of people say this is the "Miami of Montenegro", with the country's social areas and dynamic energy. In addition, Budva, the location of the country's jet-set summer residences, opulent yachts, and hotels, is a place of luxury life embodied.

Welcome to Riviera Five Star Hotel & Residences in Budva

It is a seafront projectRiviera Five Star Hotel & Residences is an unmissable investment opportunity with the cooperation of Tekce Exclusive, the sister company of Tekce Overseas. It is a seafront project located in Montenegro, Budva.

The project's outstanding features and prime position in the city center are the project's primary draws. The project consists of 212 residences, a 5-star hotel with 144 rooms, and a 2700 sqm of commercial area with 27 luxury stores.

Riviera residence in Montenegro offers lots of exceptional on-site and home features, some of which are an infinity swimming pool and pool bar, rooftop bars and restaurants, a shopping mall with 27 stores, a wellness center, a private beach, a beach bar and restaurant, a relaxing pool club, a 24/7 concierge service, and so on.

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Well, Is Purchasing a Home in Budva a Wise Move?

Well, Is Purchasing a Home in Budva a Wise Move?The answer is YES! To begin with, this is an investment center and even a status indicator in terms of real estate investing. Having a home-like investment here allows you to boost your income in several ways and get a quick return on your investment.

Budva, for example, has a high tourist image and substantial value in terms of tourism. It is significant to take into account tourists who would rather stay in a residence than a hotel. At this point, renting out your property in Montenegro when you are not using it will give you a rental income guarantee.

Additionally, Montenegro is not currently a member of the European Union; however, negotiations are ongoing. So it can happen at any time! During this time, it is flooded with more visitors as it is a visa-free country. It means that you will never run out of tenants in your house. The value of your home will also increase at the same rate whenever the country joins the EU.

This location has a view of the Adriatic SeaEven better if you want to live there instead of renting it out! This location has a view of the Adriatic Sea, which is the Mediterranean's northernmost arm. Because of the sea's fame, European investors are among the first to purchase a seafront property for sale in Montenegro. In short, it is a perfect option for beach life!

The best result of successful beach tourism is yacht tourism, which is also highly well-liked here. With the least expensive port in all of Europe, investors are also eager to invest in yachts in Montenegro.

Besides all these pluses, are the properties for sale in Budva, Montenegro cheap? Yes, it is very affordable compared to other European countries! Real estate in the free zone is not also subject to property tax.