"On 01.10.2019, TEKCE Academy is established in our Istanbul, Göztepe office, and already provides training & education."

Since the founding of Antalya Homes Emlak A.Ş. in 2004, it is our mission to empower people and stimulate them by offering them opportunities to develop themselves and to achieve more success in their professional life. We are passionate about fostering professional growth.

Tekce Academy is established in our office located in Göztepe, Istanbul and opened his doors on October 1st for this purpose. It’s our mission to ensure a well-planned development of our current and future employees, both on a professional and a personal level. The training effectively started on October 1, 2019. At the moment 20 people are following the training.

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Tekce Academy Education Environment

Mr Levent Bektaş is our Tekçe Academy Dean. During a 6 weekly training program which new employees are going through, all knowledge and support will be provided by this experienced instructor. In an efficient and understandable way, he teaches his pupils the necessary skills and teaches them how to become successful real estate agent. Furthermore, he will accompany them, by presenting them with practical studies throughout the day, so that they quickly adapt to their new position. In this way, Tekce Academy creates a supportive environment where every person has the opportunity to turn their unique potential into an excellent performance.

What Does Tekce Academy Offer?

Our way of doing business is very different from other real estate companies. The training and support you need to perform your tasks properly are provided by our experienced team. We assist you in all possible aspects and provide all the professional support and technical tools required to make your career a success.

Whatever your previous position may be, it is not relevant to the real estate sector. The criteria we seek is that candidates must have an open mind and the heart in the right place; proficient and fluent in the language in which they will serve their clients.

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About the Training Process

TEKCE Academy provides all staff with a proper 6 weekly training program. During this period you will learn everything about the real estate rules and legislation, crucial points to be considered and the code of ethics to be adhered to. The aim of this training is to be able to deliver outstanding quality to our customers. In addition, throughout the day, we offer you practical case studies so you will master the tricks of this specified job and quickly get adapted to the new function.

With our people-centered approach, our experienced team, and state-of-the-art resources, Tekçe Academy is uniquely structured. You do not necessarily need specific knowledge of the real estate sector, but we’re delighted if you do have a particular interest in real estate.

Join Our Team and Shake the World!

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