The title deed is an important document containing all the details about a particular property. Besides the title deed procedure is simplified for foreign buyers, there have been many changes and developments in the document. Undoublty, the most noticeable of recent innovations is the QR code application.

Minister of Environment and Urbanization Mr. Murat Kurum made an opening speech within the scope of the introductory meeting of a digital period in the title deed. Thanks to the QR code application, it is aimed to be able to check the actuality of the information related to the deeds instantly. Thus, deed transactions will be performed much faster. Murat Kurum said that "We will reach to information such as square meters, location, and district from your phone or tablet much easier by the usage of QR coded titles. QR coded titles much easier such as square meters, location, and district from your phone or tablet. Each title deed will have an identification number, and the information about the title deed will be followed here."

What is the difference between the old and new title deed documents?

• New title deeds are designed quite simpler than the old title deeds.
• The new title is comprised of 3 main parts; the real estate owner, property information, and registration information.
• The new title deed documents consist of owner share proportion and property land square measure.
• You can directly reach historical information to the new title deed by identification number. The new title deed documents are designed as the latest technology, and you can see the map only one click by your smartphone or tablet.

What is the advantage of the new title deed?

• You can see the map of the property by scanning the QR code directly.
• New title deeds have a design that does not contain unnecessary information.
• You can quickly and in detail reach all information about it's your property.
• There is a ‘route’ application in the system. When you click the ‘route’, you can see how can you go to it's your property.

What is a QR Code? How does it work?

The QR Code is a two-dimensional square barcode that can store encoded data and link it to a website (URL). This is short for ‘Quick Response.’ You can scan a QR code using your smartphone or tablet and get immediate access to its content.

How we use the QR Code in the title deed documents?

On the title deed, you are scanning the QR code, which is located under the square measure information, with your phone or tablet's camera. As a result of this scan, the cod will recognize and you will automatically be directed This website consists of many information title deed details. This application will make our lives easier and will be an essential change where we can learn what we are buying and where we are.