The Property Buying Guide: Istanbul with the contributions of GIGDERITO (The Istanbul Chamber of Commerce) publishedthe Property Buying Guide: Istanbul with the contributions of GIGDER (Real Estate International Promotion Association) to answer all foreign buyers' questions about the property purchasing process in Istanbul. The comprehensive guidebook contains information booklets for international investors in 6 languages: English, Arabic, French, Chinese, Russian, and Persian.

The guide consists of chapters such as Facts about Turkey, Step By Step Guide to Real Estate Purchasing and Investment in Turkey, International Banking Operations, Real Estate Investment Process in Turkey, Acquiring Turkish Citizenship Through Investment, Investment and Project Opportunities in Turkey, Sectors and Major Projects Offering Investment Opportunities.

Mr. Bayram Tekce, Chairman of Tekce Overseas, had an active role in the content creation process by being the Vice President of GIGDER and made significant contributions. Bayram Tekce stated that “We are proud to say that (together with the team of Santral), we reflected our knowledge in this guidebook, and we achieved a result for opening the way for Turkey and all foreign investors. Our team also played an important role in the translation of the guide into published languages with its experienced editors. We aim to guide all real estate buyers and investors who want to buy a property and invest in Turkey with this guidebook.

Property Sales Keep Increasing Even During the Pandemic

The guide has been introduced with an online press conference with the presentation of Mr. Mücahit Demirtaş, the Deputy Minister of Environment and Urbanization, Mr. Şekib Avdagiç, the President of ITO, and Mr. Ömer Faruk Akbal, the President of GİGDER.

At the online launch meeting, Mücahit Demirtaş, the Deputy Minister of Environment and Urbanization, said that this guidebook helps both foreigners and locals with all that valuable information it contains. He added that foreign buyers' interest in the real estate sector continues to increase with the incentives and regulations, such as granting citizenship to foreigners, and property sales continue to increase even during the COVID-19 period.

The President of GIGDER, Ömer Faruk Akbal, stated that our goal is to point out Turkey’s high investment potential in the international real estate sector and strengthen its reputation. He continued his words as follows:

“Today, approximately 20 out of every 100 real estate sales to foreigners In Turkey were made by our members. We are making a plan for the next ten years. We aim to be one of the top 5 real estate investment markets in the world, which has a value of 400 billion dollars, with reliable and effective promotion strategies.”

Property Buying Guide: Istanbul is announced at the online launch meeting