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Operations Manager, Anastasia Akay | Istanbul Homes ®

I was born in a small Siberian town in the middle of Russia. I have studied management in Technical College and construction management in university. After graduation, I have tried myself in various fields such as sales consulting, financial audit, logistics. I have started my journey in Antalya Homes in 2014 as a sales assistant, it was my first serious job in Turkey. After a couple of years, I got promoted to Operations Supervisor and then, as a result of the company growth, I ended up as Operations manager. Our team is on the front-line. Our goal is first-class customer service at the initial stage. I am so glad to be surrounded by enthusiasts, people who seek for constant knowledge, who formed such a strong and reliable team. I can speak Russian, English, and Turkish.



LanguagesLanguages: English, Türkçe, Русский