Ibrahim B.Ibrahim B.

Al salam alaykom, I am İbrahim and I want to tell you that I am very happy and thankful for Istanbul homes real estate agency, through this estate agency I found my home in Istanbul.

Actually I am very satisfied with the professionalism that started with this Istanbul homes through writing to Antalya homes, which is the mother of this company.

They were very professional and connected me with Istanbul homes throw the email first, and also assigned a real estate agent, Mr Anas Alhamwi, to guide me through this journey, this journey was very professional and very successful and very cooperative, and through this journey we built a mutual classmate, built on successful professionalism, successful questions and and I made the life of Mr Anas crazy by asking him the questions that I want, His passion and professionalism actually made me not only trust him but also confident that this journey will have a successful result. I would also say to the company that I am thankful for the professional on their website.

The first day I chose to look for a home in Istanbul, was through their website, also I look through other websites not only Istanbul homes, but Istanbul homes and Antalya homes, I got most of the information that I want, it wasn't a marketing strategy by having some photos of projects and writing ok if you want more information contact on this app or this email, most of the information were there which added more than enough to make you feel that you are working with professional people, so the journey continued and actually I visited several projects with Mr Anas, and through this visits, he never pushed me to buy fr om these projects or to prefer one to another. He left the choice to me.

He explained the cons and pros to where I want to buy and left the decision to be mine, because he was a professional real estate agent, confident that my choice is my responsibility and he was facilitating that and fortanality through this journey that was a little bit long but very successful, I managed to buy my home in Istanbul and this is the tapu, and I am drinking tea to tell you that I am very happy, so I would tell you don't hasentate when you want to buy a house in Istanbul to visit the website, because it is very professional website, and also I am confident as we have Anas that I was very lucky to have him as a professional real estate agent, his colleagues I am confident that they are as professional as him, they can give you the service, they will not push you, and I am confident if you connect them by email or phone or whatever they will respond even if you send your message to Antalya or Spain wh ere they have their agencies they will connect you to the country that is responsible for managing this journey until you get the tapu,

I want to add something else, whatever you want to know about your choice in buying a home or an investment or whatever, you will find answers there, and you will not lose, you will win with this company, of course at the beginning of this journey I search through other companies, but I honestly found that this is the most professional one that I trusted and really I have a happy end having this home through this journey with Mr. Anas and with this agency: Istanbul homes.

Thank you.