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Fella B.Fella B.

Dear Özkan,

I am coming with this email to show my gratitude and also appraise the work I have seen from your team regarding my Title Deed to be collected from the developer.

The whole process was strenuous, I believe, for your team especially as the developer was challenging, and also was I.

Since my first experience with Istanbul Homes in 2017, I have had the same quality of work from the top management to the bottom execution, this has changed neither with time nor with me becoming an old customer, which is a trap most companies fall into, after years of having a client.

I have to admit that Aesha Hasan, was introduced to me in order to collect my Title Deed, and she has shown huge flexibility, commitment, prompt answering, and most importantly, agreeing to my choice of giving Istanbul Homes the Power of Attorney, like a trusted entity and not the developer, as I experienced a bad time with it.

I was also informed that Mervan has been massively supporting in order to chase the Title Deed, even though I did not deal with him directly, I am sure his dedication was transmitted to me in the most honest way.

The work of both Aesha and Mervan reflected the management commitment, professionalism, and high-quality work, so thank you Gokhan.

I finally would like to thank you personally for your great team and the way they handled, and surely handle their customers. This is called excellence.

If you wish me to send you another testimonial to update on your website, another official written one with my rank and titles, please let me know and I am happily going to do it.


Fella B.