Seyed Mohammad Sadri Tabaei Z. | IRAN

Seyed Mohammad Sadri Tabaei Z.Seyed Mohammad Sadri Tabaei Z.

Hello, I am Mohammad and an Iranian, and a few months ago I decided to buy a house in Istanbul and got acquainted with Istanbul Homes through Iran via the internet. At first, I corresponded with Mr. Onur, and after coming to Istanbul, I met Ms. Araz, an employee of Istanbul Homes, and through her, we visited various projects, and finally, in less than two weeks, I bought two apartments in Istanbul. Ms. Araz helped me and my family in all the steps of buying, paying, getting the document, and opening the bank account, and I have to thank her especially here. And now I am in the process of passport processing by the lawyer of Istanbul Homes. In the end, my family and I are very grateful to Istanbul Homes and its professional team, especially Ms. Araz and Mr. Onur.