Zafar M.Zafar M.

Dear Sir,

Today is the third day in my own apartment in Kartal, Istanbul. I am sitting on my chair and gazing through the window. Here, I can see the lush green forest, beautiful high-rise buildings, city & sea view at the same time. We have moved to our dream house and all thanks go to Mr. Sebghatullah Barekzai from Istanbul Homes Company. We are rejoiced by the decision we made mutually.

Our journey of buying a new apartment started when I first got interested in one of their apartment listing on the Istanbul homes website. I signed up and asked for more information about the apartment. Mr. Barekzai replied with all the associated information and guided me about the documents. I prepared all documents in a couple of days and ready to visit Istanbul. Buying an apartment in Istanbul is not an easy task. You should have enough knowledge of the city and surroundings. Buying close to the sea and forest is relatively more expensive than buying in the outskirts of Istanbul. It all depends upon your preference whether you are looking to stay for a longer time or you are a frequent traveler and want to buy an apartment as a second home.

We visited several apartments with Barekzai from Anatolian (Asian Part) & Thrace (European part). Asian part is greener with fewer options but European part has more options as more development has been done recently. While apartment tour with Barekzai helped me to get my Tax ID, new SIM card, and bank account, quite mandatory for transferring your money. At times it is difficult to open a new account without a residence card but Barekzai helped us a lot in every coming hurdle. With his dedication, we found one apartment in Kartal in a good price range.

Istanbul homes have a history of 100% success in selling property and they claim to provide you the actual evaluated price of the property. Scams are everywhere in the world and inflated prices are just a norm here. So beware and get yourself on board with Istanbul homes without any second thought.

As I already mentioned that Barekzai was always beside us and helped us to prepare the required documents including translations of the marriage & birth certificate of my child as well as passports. He again helped us with documents for residence and for the Tapu. With his help, we received our Tapu (Title deed) in no time. He gave us a furniture tour and even ready to help us out of the way. He is an honest, reliable, and devoted employee of this company. He knows Turkish, Persian & English. This really helped us in communicating in all our tasks.

Many thanks to Mr. Bayram Tekce, founder of Istanbul homes (Tekçe Overseas Gayrimenkul AŞ) and for all the services they offer in time. I wish them all the best in their future endeavors including all my good wishes to Mr. Sebghatullah Barekzai.


Zafar M.