Sanela P.Sanela P.

Hello, I have bought an apartment in Istanbul in 2020 and would like to share my experience in the process.

I am a Bosnian citizen and wanted to invest in Turkey. I reached by internet Mr. Bora Unsal from Istanbul Homes and receives impressive service in following:

• After I specified the type of investment, I was immediately provided with several proposals of apartments that fully met my specifications.
• During my 3-day visit to Turkey I was taken to see all properties and after the decision, the contract signing was organized. The agent had the full scope of information and was able to answer all questions immediately which led me to decide, as well as organize signing, complexed I itself due to size of seller and my foreign ownership.
• After the purchase, a number of other activities needed are taken care of from legal documents, residency, some logistics, and construction. Although this is not in the scope of the work of the agent, he went beyond this to help me with everything I needed in this process. All recommendations I received with regards to other service providers were of high quality and with excellent service.
• All communication was swift, concrete, and hustle free.

Given the fact I have gone through a number of purchases earlier in my own country, plus the other two investments in European countries at the same time as in Turkey, I can with certainty say this was the best real estate agent support I have ever seen. Hence, this has made my investment process by far the easiest, most convenient, and enjoyable. I fully recommend Istanbul Homes and Mr.Unsal to any interested investor and encourage engagement which will surely have good results.

Sanela P.