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Anil Arjan ShivdasaniAnil Arjan Shivdasani

Hi there, my name is Anil Shivdasani, my wife Komal Shivdasani and Vivan Shivdasani, we are from India, but living and working in Abu Dhabi, UAE. We basically decided to avail of the Turkish citizenship by property investment program. I’ve been doing research for several years, nailed down two professional companies and finally decided to go with www.istanbulhomes.com and www.bursahomes.com aka Tekce group. We proceeded in February for buying our apartment in Bursa. And, Tekce group conducted an online viewing for us. So far, their services were extremely professional, not only the sales process but also the legal process; applying for citizenship, following up on getting the title deed ready for us. During this visit, where we’ve come to help settle our son into university in Istanbul. We run into hurdle with the university actually, find some additional paperwork. So, I directly reached out to Tekce group, the lawyer over here and he resolved everything for us in a couple of days, and I was really amazed, you know, that day really went out where to make us comfortable and helpful. And then I was considering, we were considering getting smaller apartment here in Istanbul, and since we were so impressed with the service, Şamil from Tekce group showed us a couple of properties, one in Kadikoy, and “lo and behold” we went and decided to proceed with our second purchase with Tekce group, and actually we happy today that we received title deed for that today. So, this trip has been nothing short of amazing for us. We received keys from Bursa home already, we received the title deed for our Istanbul home, just a few minutes ago. Getting my son into university, I guess he is a lucky guy, cus’ he has two homes, while both of us have to go back home, and work and earn some more money for him. That’s all.