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Mojgan G.Mojgan G.

To the management of Istanbul Homes,

I am writing this email to compliment Mr. Nazim Cikoglu, my agent in Istanbul Homes. I wanted to buy a home in Istanbul and I live in the United States of America. He contacted me via email in August and we were able to strike a deal in September for an apartment in ***.

I can not say enough for how well he took care of my business. He went to the housing company multiple times and showed me the apartments I was interested in virtually. When I came to Istanbul, he took me to different housing complexes to choose from. After we made a deal, he helped me with every minimal thing you could imagine a new foreign buyer might need in Turkey, from opening a bank account, getting a tax ID, getting a power of attorney, and notarizing my documents. When I came back to America, he was always keen to help and follow up and solve any problem that came in the way. I honestly believe that I could have not found a better agent than Nazim for buying a house. He is truly excellent in what he does, he is caring and compassionate like a brother and he is knowledgeable and fluent in English, which made my life so easy.

I am so happy to have him as my agent now and for the years to come.

Mojgan G.