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Maher K.Maher K.

The investment decision is an easy and difficult one at the same time. So, you need to determine the type of investment that is safe and profitable at the same time.

It took at least a year to identify that type, and in my opinion, real estate investment was the most successful investment ever.

I started to think of a country to invest in that would have a future in it. Turkey was the perfect choice for me and here I got confused about which company and anyone could be my honest advisor.

It was first and foremost from God that I chose Istanbul Homes company. Then, fortune smiled at me that Mr. Anas Al-Hamwi was the first person I have contacted and that was at the end of 2019. Then came the Corona pandemic, and everything stopped. But Allah wanted me to do so, as Mr. Anas Al-Hamwi used to contact me send me new and valuable offers every while and then. Since I managed to buy a property that qualifies me to obtain Turkish citizenship.

What is more appropriate than this? Except for the success of God first and the presence of a sincere person in his work who is creative in his performance and keen on his client, namely Mr. Anas Alhamwi. Who accompanied me on the tour of choosing the properties and then directing from his generous side to the most suitable properties for me. He was with me, step by step, from the moment of selection to the registration of the property and then approval for the purposes of obtaining citizenship. And he is still following me diligently in order to complete the process of obtaining citizenship.

In fact, I advise everyone who thinks to invest to go to Istanbul Homes company, and they will find good advice and good treatment there as well.

My experience with Istanbul Homes company was successful by every measure of success. The follow-up of the treatment in all its stages by Mr. Anas Al-Hamwi with high professionalism.

I wish everyone luck and good choice,

Maher K.