Apartments for Sale in Istanbul Kadıköy

Luxury and newly built apartments for sale in Kadıköy, Istanbul at affordable prices by Istanbul Homes ®. Call us to buy an apartment and arrange a viewing tour.

Apartment for sale in Kadikoy Near to Bostanci CoastThe apartment is located in Kadikoy, a well-known region in Istanbul with its various social amenities. The building offers indoor and outdoor car parking areas to its residents.
BASE PRICE5.050.000 TLVerified PriceFROM608.300 USD
Smart Properties Close to Metro and Metrobus in KadıköyProperties with smart home system are centrally located in Fikirtepe, Kadıköy, close to shopping mall, metro and metrobus. The complex with city and sea views has an indoor pool, sauna and gym.
KADIKÖY - ISTANBUL2+1, 3+1, 4+1, 5+12, 3
BASE PRICE1.375.000 TLVerified PriceFROM165.600 USD
Properties for sale in Kadıkoy İstanbul with City ViewThe properties for sale are located in Kadıköy. City view properties are in a complex with luxurious features such as concierge systems, lobby, steam room, sauna, and central heating system.
KADIKÖY - ISTANBUL1+1, 2+1, 3+11, 2
BASE PRICE950.000 TLVerified PriceFROM114.400 USD
Well-Located Apartment Close to Shopping Malls in KadıköyThe 3+1 apartment with spacious balconies is close to the D-100 highway, metro stops, and shopping malls in Kadıköy, Istanbul.
BASE PRICE1.060.000 TLVerified PriceFROM127.700 USD

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Key Ready 3+1 Flat Close to Bagdat Avenue in Kadikoy IstanbulLuxury flat is located in Kadikoy just a short walking distance away from Caddebostan Coast and transportation spots. The flat with a smart system has an indoor car parking area in a vibrant location.
295.000 USD280.000 USD
Luxury Real Estate Designed with Modular Architecture in KadikoyExclusive real estate with smart systems is located in Kadikoy, Istanbul. The real estate with a prestigious location is within walking distance of transportation spots such as the metro and Marmaray.
KADIKÖY - ISTANBUL1+1, 2+1, 3+1, 4+11, 2, 4
BASE PRICE1.366.000 TLFROM164.500 USD

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Impressive Duplex Apartment for Sale in a Great Location in KadiköyDuplex apartment for sale is located in Kadıköy, in a prestigious location in Istanbul. The new apartment for sale is 400 mt to Bağdat Avenue and 1 km to Caddebostan Coast.
BASE PRICE3.250.000 TL391.500 USD
Smart Apartments in a Complex with a Shopping Center in KadıköyThe apartments are located in Kadıköy, İstanbul. The apartments are within walking distance of all social amenities that city has to offer such as theaters, historical landmarks, cafe and restaurants.
KADIKÖY - ISTANBUL1+1, 2+2, 3+1, 4+11, 2
BASE PRICE1.964.000 TLFROM236.600 USD

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