Apartments for Sale in Istanbul Maltepe

Luxury and newly built apartments for sale in Maltepe, Istanbul at affordable prices by Istanbul Homes ®. Call us to buy an apartment and arrange a viewing tour.

Modern Apartments in Maltepe Istanbul Close to D 100 HighwaySea and city view apartments for sale are located in Maltepe Istanbul. The apartment complex with a shopping mall concept is in front of the metro station and D100 Highway.
MALTEPE - ISTANBUL1+1, 2+1, 3+11, 2
BASE PRICE1.500.000 TLVerified PriceFROM157.900 USD
Centrally Located New Properties Near the Sea in MaltepeNewly built properties are located in Maltepe near the D-100 highway and subway. Properties reside within a boutique building with a lift and indoor parking areas.
BASE PRICE800.000 TLVerified PriceFROM84.200 USD
New Apartments Close to D100 Highway in Maltepe IstanbulBrand new apartments are located in Maltepe, Istanbul. Apartments for sale in Istanbul Maltepe are not only close to daily amenities, but also they are within walking distance of daily amenities.
BASE PRICE780.000 TLVerified Price82.100 USD
Spacious Triplex Ground Floor Flats for Sale in MaltepeFlats for sale in Istanbul Maltepe are located within walking distance of the D-100 highway and transportation amenities. Triplex flats are located on the ground floor of 9-storey building.
BASE PRICE2.400.000 TLVerified Price252.700 USD

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City View Real Estate Close to Subway in Maltepe IstanbulReal estate for sale is located in Maltepe, Istanbul. The real estate is equipped with steel doors, LED and spotlighting, kitchen appliances, shower, PVC windows, laminate, and ceramic floorings.
MALTEPE - ISTANBUL1+1, 3+11, 2
BASE PRICE1.004.000 TLVerified PriceFROM105.700 USD
Centrally located Luxurious Properties in Maltepe İstanbulThe properties in İstanbul, Maltepe are located within walking distance to all daily and social amenities as well as the Maltepe shore. The properties are in a complex with a luxurious lifestyle.
MALTEPE - ISTANBUL3+1, 4+1, 5+12, 4
BASE PRICE2.920.000 TLVerified PriceFROM307.400 USD

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Apartments in a Family Friendly Complex in MaltepeThe apartments for sale are in a family-friendly residential complex with rich social amenities. The apartments in Maltepe are affordable.
MALTEPE - ISTANBUL1+1, 2+1, 3+1, 4+11, 2
BASE PRICE990.000 TLVerified PriceFROM104.200 USD
Central Maltepe Flats with Sea and City ViewsCentrally located Maltepe flats are 5 minutes away from the coast and have sea and city views. Spacious and roomy flats are ready to move.
BASE PRICE3.650.000 TLVerified Price384.300 USD

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