As the new ambassador of the Turkish real estate sector in the international arena, our founder and chairman, Bayram Tekçe, was elected as president of the Real Estate International Promotion Association (GİGDER). It is the specialized association of real estate brokers, which serves as the entry point for foreign investors into Turkey.

GİGDER is an association of brokerage companies that allows international investors to invest safely in Türkiye. In this regard, GİGDER is the main organization in the real estate sector, having been founded with the goal of expanding universally and bringing it to the point it deserves on a global scale as one of the foundations of the Turkish economy.

The association was established in 2020 by Faruk Akbal and Bayram Tekçe. It achieved significant achievements by meeting the demands of the sector and giving voice to its concerns as the flag carrier of the Turkish real estate market in the international arena.

A New Era with Permanent SolutionsAt the general assembly held at the Liv City Hotel Istanbul on November 8, 2023, our founder and chairman, Bayram Tekçe was elected to lead the board of directors for the upcoming period. The chairman has been the association's founding vice president and chairman of the research and publications committee since its founding. This outcome makes us proud as one of the companies that understands the problems our real estate sector deals with on a global basis.

A New Era with Permanent Solutions

Our chairman Bayram Tekçe has broken ground in the sector and created solutions by bringing the problems in the process to the table. Now, he has become the sector representative of real estate brokers in Türkiye.

Tekçe has raised awareness in the sector about the recognition of real estate sales to foreign investors as part of "real estate export" and brought up solutions to facilitate the processes by representing Türkiye in the manner that it deserves on both the investor and intermediary parties.

Trust for Investors, Profit for Turkey

With his knowledge and expertise in international real estate sales, the chairman is well aware of the demands and issues facing the sector. He aims to eliminate misconceptions and provide relief to investors and the sector with the determination required to solve the sector's problems.

Tekçe acts with the awareness of "serving the country" by prioritizing social benefit with the goal of making Türkiye a country where international investors are safe, their rights are protected, and their needs are met. This approach also shapes the sector's future strategy.