When foreigners are buying any property in Turkey, it was necessary to obtain permission from the military units. If any property on the same parcel or building received the military approval, the requirement to obtain permission for the remaining apartments removed thanks to the law passed on the 8th October 2013 in Turkey. But they had to get military permission for properties on the unapproved parcel. This is following a 6-week military approval process, which includes facts such as controlling the property's location, its proximity to military and national security zones.

Now it's easier to get the Title Deed (Tapu)Now It's Easier to Get the Title Deed (Tapu)

A new convenience is provided for the Military permission, which prolonged the foreign sales process with the circular issued in December 2017. A protocol was signed between the Turkish General Staff, Ministry of National Defense, Ministry of Environment and Urbanisation, General Directorate for Land Registry and Cadastre, and The Department of Foreign Affairs. According to the circular, all military forbidden and national security zones across Turkey are determined. These zones were processed as a sheet to the land registry plans. Thus, areas that allowed or not allowed were clarified. There will be no approval for each purchase transaction thanks to these records in the General Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastre. This new development means all foreign buyers can obtain their Title Deed much quicker from the Tapu Office and dramatically cut the waiting time from 1-2 months to only a few days.

You Can Receive the Tapu Within 2-3 Days

Istanbul Homes is specialized to transfer Title Deeds on a zero problem basis. The properties are selected and pre-agreed according to the foreign buyer's conditions. We don't sell near military forbidden or security zones. All our property offers have a 100% military approval guarantee.

Now pick a house and call us. You can receive the Tapu within 2-3 days under the Istanbul Homes guarantee.