Turkey is one of the most preferred places to live with its low living costs, mild climate, natural beauties, and historical places. There is a wide range of real estate suitable for your needs and wishes in Turkey. Purchasing a property can seem like a difficult process at first, but it is very easy when you work with a professional real estate company.

Tekce Overseas is the leading real estate company in Turkey. Since 2004, we have delivered thousands of title deeds to people from all over the world. Our experienced team continues to progress with our Zero Failure and %100 Happy Customers principles.

How Can Buy Property in Turkey for Pakistani Passport Holder?Can Pakistani Buy Property in Turkey?

Investors from all around the world can have questions about the buying process in Turkey. If you come from Pakistan and wonder how can you buy a property in Turkey, you just need to follow some steps. After you decide the property type (apartments, houses, commercial, or land) and make sure you choose the right location, there are some documents you need to prepare:

• The current title deed of the real estate

• Real estate appraisal report (3 months validity)

• The passport or identity document (along with translated version if it is necessary)

• DASK (Compulsory Earthquake Insurance Policy)

• Power of attorney if representation is involved

• A sworn interpreter is necessary if any party does not speak Turkish

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How can I purchase property in Turkey from Pakistan?

According to the Reciprocity Law, some countries couldn’t buy a property in Turkey a few years ago. However, according to new regulations, almost all nationalities from different countries can obtain real estate in Turkey. Moreover, you don’t have to come to Turkey from Pakistan! Tekce Overseas offers TeleProperty to buy property remotely. You can choose the property you dream of from our user-friendly website with a rich selection of listings. After selecting the property, we organize an online viewing tour via Facetime, Skype, Whatsapp Video Call, show each detail and make sure you have no question marks in your mind. For more information, visit our TeleProperty ® page.

To Buy Property in Turkey for Pakistani Passport Holder

Property investment is one of the most popular ways to get Turkish Citizenship. When you buy a property in Turkey, you are not just making an investment, you are gaining a brand new lifestyle. There are some steps to follow to become a Turkish citizen by investment:

Arranging a Viewing Tour: Tekce Overseas offers property options according to the applicant’s wish list and arranges a viewing tour. That makes buyers one step closer to their dream home.

Purchasing a Property: The buyer will prepare the required documents to apply for the title deed after they choose a property valued at over 250.000 USD. However, there are more ways to be a Turkish Citizen.

Applying for Citizenship: Citizenship applications take place in Immigration Bureau. The process is followed by Citizenship Information Offices and our expert team is ready to assist you whenever you need it. Visit our 6 Ways To Acquire Citizenship For Foreign Investors article for more information.

Receiving a Turkish Passport: Citizenship obtainment can be finalized within a few months. Now that you own real estate and have a Turkish passport, you can enjoy living in this beautiful country.

What Are the Advantages of Turkish Citizenship for a Pakistani?

How Can Buy Property in Turkey for Pakistani Passport Holder?• Free education and medical support

• Free pension programs

• Right to vote for all types of elections

• Being able to travel over 100 countries without a visa

• No residency limit in Turkey

• Easier procedures while starting a new business and buying a new property

There are more advantages when you acquire Turkish Citizenship. Read more on our Benefits of Turkish Passport blog.

If you haven’t bought a property in Turkey and have many questions in your mind, you can read Guide to Buying Turkish Property for the First Time for more information. The purchase process for a Pakistani is not any different from people of other countries. Also, our team consists of agents speaking your language and will be there for you during the whole process; from choosing your dream property to settling in.

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