Turkey is visited by thousands of people from all around the world every day. Turkey holds great wealth like natural beauties, cultural values, historical structure, and geographical advantages. Turkish passport and Turkish Citizenship very important terms for many foreigners. Obtaining Turkish Citizenship and passport is very easy nowadays. Foreigners may gain Turkish Citizenship and passport with the occasion of buying a property or making an investment in the requested amount. You may travel to more than 100 countries with Visa-Free and 7 countries with e-Visa when a Turkish passport is obtained. (Read more about getting Turkish citizenship by investment.)

Advantages of the Turkish Passport

• You can get a Turkish passport and citizenship in only 30 workdays according to the new regulation in law.
• You may visit easily to more than 100 countries with visa-free and have easy entrance rights to 26 Schengen Zone Countries.
• Turkish passport is within the top 30 passports over the world.
• This passport provides you free education and university refund plans.
• You don’t need aresidence permit in the period required.
• When you have this passport, you can benefit from pension programs like a Turkish citizen.
• You have the right the voting for all types of elections.
• You benefit from all the medical rights.
• You can obtain dual citizenship when you have a Turkish passport. Turkish passport’s validness is 10 years. You should read the information about dual citizenship.

Types of Turkish Passport

• Special passport, which has a green color: Top government officials.
• Ordinary Passport, which has a red color: Turkish citizens’ passport. Foreigners may gain ordinary passports via citizenship.
• Service-stamped passport, which has a grey color: Public officials, journalists and etc.
• Diplomatic passport, which has a black color: Diplomats and ambassadors

Dual Citizenship and the Turkuaz Card Programme

The person who is a citizen of two different nations at the same time has dual citizenship. Turkey permits dual citizenship.

You may benefit from the Turquoise Card program if you live in a country that does not allow dual citizenship. Turkuaz Card offers you to benefit all of the rights in Turkey. Only, you don't have the right to vote and stand for election in Turkey. (View detailed information about the Turquoise Card system.)

Procedures to Get a Turkish Passport

Obtaining a Turkish passport is possible through several methods. One favored method would be to via the newly regulated law. Previously, in order to obtain citizenship, one must purchase a property worth 500.000 USD. However, with this new regulation, the price has been cut to half to be 250.000 USD in September 2018. Making it considerably to obtain a Turkish passport in an easy way.

On the other hand, you can own your Turkish passport how you open a bank account in Turkey and you deposit money 500.000 USD amount. In this way, you can get a Turkish passport within 60 days. If you buy a property through Istanbul Homes, our expert team help you to follow all procedures to get Turkish citizenship and a passport. After buying a property, we guide you about the sales process, after-sale services and to get a Turkish passport and citizenship.

Why Turkey? - Advantages and Opportunities

Location: There are different cultures, different religions, and various languages in the country because Turkey is a bridge between Asia and Europe sides. This country has an important strategic position, geographical advantages, historical value, economic growth, and cultural richness. Turkey is a country that it is visited by foreign people every period thanks to its natural and historical beauties, the convenient climate for the winter, and summer tourism. Many foreigners prefer to invest or to buy a property in Turkey.

Geographical and Strategic Value: The geographical and strategic position of the country is much more valuable than in other countries. The existence of the Bosphorus has been an important privilege in every period. Turkey, which is a bridge between Europe and Asia, has provided a functional role in the trade route. Turkey has also a globally strategical position.

Climate: Turkey has the maritime climate due to the country being geographically positioned between the Meditteranean Sea, Aegean Sea, Black Sea, and Sea of Marmara surrounding it from 3 sides. In the winter the weather is warm and soft. Winter and summer tourism has developed almost anywhere in the country due to climate conditions.- In this way, Turkey attracts tourists, property buyers, and investors from all over the world.

Beauties and Facilities: Spectacular seas, clean and sandy beaches, walking paths on coastlines, pure forests, natural lakes, great valleys, glorious waterfalls, and stately mountains are unique natural beauties in Turkey. Many tourists come to Turkey from all around the world to witness this unique beauty. Luxury famous hotels, entertainment places, historical places, cultural centers, rich traditional and modern restaurants draw attention at generally affordable prices.

Economic Structure and Foreign Investment: Turkey is following technological improvements in the world and strengthening its economy day by day. The state works hard to ensure decisive growth in the economy. Already, globally-known Turkish companies demonstrate that the economy is growing fastly each passing day. New companies and new workspaces with the support of the government also invigorate Turkey's economy. The Turkish government supports foreign investors and buyers in the country and makes it easier for them to invest. Nowadays, the Turkish Government provides many conveniences in the matter of Turkish citizenship.

Visa Requirements for Turkish Citizens – Visa Free Countries

This year, according to Henley Passport Index, Turkey is ranked globally 38th country with 114 points on the visa-free travel index. People can visit more than 100 countries without visas thanks to the Turkish passport in reference to the report of Henley. Turkish passport supplies to enter 42 countries with a visa on arrival. Visa on arrival is taken in the airport without applying previously. Holders of the Turkish passport can travel to 7 countries with electronic authorization or an online visa (eVisa).

CountryVisa requirementAllowed StayNotes
Flag of Afghanistan AfghanistanVisa required
Flag of Albania AlbaniaVisa not required90 days
Flag of Algeria AlgeriaVisa required
Flag of Andorra AndorraVisa required
Flag of Angola AngolaVisa required
Flag of Antigua and Barbuda Antigua & BarbudaVisa not required30 days
Flag of Argentina ArgentinaVisa not required90 days
Flag of Armenia ArmeniaeVisa / Visa on arrival120 days
Flag of Australia AustraliaVisa requiredMay apply online (Online Visitor e600 visa).
Flag of Austria AustriaVisa required
Flag of Azerbaijan AzerbaijanVisa on arrival / eVisa60 daysObtainable at any international airport. eVisa valid for 60 days available otherwise.
Flag of Bahamas BahamasVisa not required8 months
Flag of Bahrain BahraineVisa / Visa on arrival14 daysMay apply for eVisa.
Flag of Bangladesh BangladeshVisa on arrival90 days
Flag of Barbados BarbadosVisa not required6 months
Flag of Belarus BelarusVisa not required30 days
Flag of Belgium BelgiumVisa required
Flag of Belize BelizeVisa not required90 days
Flag of Benin BenineVisa / Visa on arrival30 days
/ 8 days
Must have an international vaccination certificate.
Flag of Bhutan BhutanVisa required
Flag of Bolivia BoliviaVisa not required90 days
Flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and HerzegovinaVisa not required90 days90 days within any 6-month period.
Flag of Botswana BotswanaVisa not required90 days
Flag of Brazil BrazilVisa not required90 days
Flag of Brunei BruneiVisa not required30 days
Flag of Bulgaria BulgariaVisa requiredVisa not required if holding a valid visa for Croatia, Cyprus, Romania or a Schengen Member State.
Flag of Burkina Faso Burkina FasoVisa required
Flag of Burundi BurundiVisa required
Flag of Cambodia CambodiaeVisa / Visa on arrival30 daysVisa is also obtainable online.
Flag of Cameroon CameroonVisa required
Flag of Canada CanadaVisa required
Flag of Cape Verde Cape VerdeVisa on arrival
Flag of the Central African Republic Central African RepublicVisa required
Flag of Chad ChadVisa required
Flag of Chile ChileVisa not required90 days
Flag of China ChinaVisa required
Flag of Colombia ColombiaVisa not required180 days90 days - Extendable up to 180-day stay within a one-year period.
Flag of Comoros ComorosVisa on arrival45 days
Flag of Republic of the Congo Republic of the CongoVisa required
Flag of Democratic Republic of the Congo Democratic Republic
of the Congo
Visa required
Flag of Costa Rica Costa RicaVisa not required90 days
Flag of Côte d'Ivoire Côte d'IvoireeVisa
Flag of Croatia CroatiaVisa required
Flag of Cuba CubaTourist Card required
Flag of Cyprus CyprusVisa required
Flag of Czech Republic Czech RepublicVisa required
Flag of Denmark DenmarkVisa required
Flag of Djibouti DjiboutieVisa31 days
Flag of Dominica DominicaVisa not required21 days
Flag of Dominican Republic Dominican RepublicVisa not required90 days
Flag of Ecuador EcuadorVisa not required90 days
Flag of Egypt EgyptVisa requiredVisa not required when traveling as part of the tourist group that consists of at least 10 persons.
Visa on arrival for Turkish citizens younger than 20 or older than 45 years.
Flag of El Salvador El SalvadorVisa not required3 months
Flag of Equatorial Guinea Equatorial GuineaVisa required
Flag of Eritrea EritreaVisa required
Flag of Estonia EstoniaVisa required
Flag of Eswatini EswatiniVisa not required30 days
Flag of Ethiopia EthiopiaeVisaup to 90 dayseVisa holders must arrive via Addis Ababa Bole International Airport.
Flag of Fiji FijiVisa not required4 months
Flag of Finland FinlandVisa required
Flag of France FranceVisa required
Flag of Gabon GaboneVisa / Visa on arrival90 daysElectronic visa holders must arrive via Libreville International Airport.
Flag of Gambia GambiaVisa not required90 days
Flag of Georgia GeorgiaVisa not required360 daysID card valid.
Flag of Germany GermanyVisa required
Flag of Ghana GhanaVisa required
Flag of Greece GreeceVisa required
Flag of Grenada GrenadaVisa required
Flag of Guatemala GuatemalaVisa not required90 days
Flag of Guinea GuineaVisa required
Flag of Guinea-Bissau Guinea-BissaueVisa / Visa on arrival30 days
Flag of Guyana GuyanaVisa required
Flag of Haiti HaitiVisa not required90 days
Flag of Honduras HondurasVisa not required3 months
Flag of Hungary HungaryVisa required
Flag of Iceland IcelandVisa required
Flag of India IndiaVisa required
Flag of Indonesia IndonesiaVisa not required30 daysSelect ports of entry.
Flag of Iran IranVisa not required3 months
Flag of Iraq IraqVisa on arrivalCitizens of Turkey are allowed visa-free access only if arriving at Baghdad International Airport.
Flag of Ireland IrelandVisa requiredMay transit without a visa.
Flag of Israel IsraelVisa required
Flag of Italy ItalyVisa required
Flag of Jamaica JamaicaVisa not required90 days
Flag of Japan JapanVisa not required90 days
Flag of Jordan JordanVisa not required3 months
Flag of Kazakhstan KazakhstanVisa not required30 days
Flag of Kenya KenyaeVisa / Visa on arrival3 months
Flag of Kiribati KiribatiVisa required
Flag of North Korea North KoreaVisa required
Flag of South Korea South KoreaVisa not required90 days
Flag of Kuwait KuwaiteVisa / Visa on arrival3 months
Flag of Kyrgyzstan KyrgyzstanVisa not required30 days
Flag of Laos LaosVisa on arrival30 days
Flag of Latvia LatviaVisa required
Flag of Lebanon LebanonMultiple-entry visa on arrival3 months

Flag of Lesotho LesothoeVisa
Flag of Liberia LiberiaVisa required
Flag of Libya LibyaVisa requiredAn authorization by the airport passport control is required when arriving without a visa.
Flag of Liechtenstein LiechtensteinVisa required
Flag of Lithuania LithuaniaVisa required
Flag of Luxembourg LuxembourgVisa required
Flag of North Macedonia North MacedoniaVisa not required60 days
Flag of Madagascar MadagascarVisa on arrival30 daysFree of charge.
Flag of Malawi MalawiVisa required
Flag of Malaysia MalaysiaVisa not required3 months
Flag of Maldives MaldivesVisa on arrival30 days
Flag of Mali MaliVisa required
Flag of Malta MaltaVisa required
Flag of Marshall Islands Marshall IslandsVisa on arrival90 days
Flag of Mauritania MauritaniaVisa on arrivalAvailable at Nouakchott–Oumtounsy International Airport.
MauritiusVisa not required90 days
Flag of Mexico MexicoElectronic Authorization System30 days180 days visa-free if holding a valid visa for Canada, Japan, USA, United Kingdom or a Schengen Member State.
Flag of Micronesia MicronesiaVisa not required30 days
Flag of Moldova MoldovaVisa not required90 days90 days within any 180 day period. - ID card valid.
Flag of Monaco MonacoVisa required
Flag of Mongolia MongoliaVisa not required30 days
Flag of Montenegro MontenegroVisa not required90 days
Flag of Morocco MoroccoVisa not required3 months
Flag of MozambiqueMozambiqueVisa on arrival30 days
Flag of Myanmar MyanmareVisa28 dayseVisa is available for tourism only.
Flag of Namibia NamibiaVisa required
Flag of Nauru NauruVisa required
Flag of Nepal NepalVisa on arrival90 days
Flag of Netherlands NetherlandsVisa required
Flag of New Zealand New ZealandVisa required
Flag of Nicaragua NicaraguaVisa not required90 days
Flag of Niger NigerVisa required
Flag of Nigeria NigeriaVisa required
Flag of Norway NorwayVisa required
Flag of Oman OmaneVisa30 days
Flag of Pakistan PakistanVisa requiredVisa on arrival when traveling on business valid for 30 days.
Visa on arrival for 30 days if holding a valid visa or residence permit for USA, United Kingdom or a Schengen Member State.
Flag of Palau PalauVisa on arrival30 days
Flag of Panama PanamaVisa not required180 days
Flag of Papua New Guinea Papua New GuineaVisa required
Flag of Paraguay ParaguayVisa not required90 days
Flag of Peru PeruVisa not required183 days
Flag of Philippines PhilippinesVisa not required30 days
Flag of Poland PolandVisa required
Flag of Portugal PortugalVisa required
Flag of Qatar QatarVisa not required90 days
Flag of Romania RomaniaVisa requiredVisa not required if holding a valid visa for Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus or a Schengen Member State.
Flag of Russia RussiaVisa requiredeVisa for up to 8 days for Amur, Oblast, Chukotka, Kamchatka, Khabarovsk, Krai, Primorye and Sakhalin regions of the Russian Far East for tourism, business and humanitarian purposes. Available at 6 airports, 5 seaports, some railway and road entry points.
Flag of Rwanda RwandaeVisa / Visa on arrival30 days
Flag of Saint Kitts and Nevis Saint Kitts and NevisVisa not required3 months
Flag of Saint Lucia Saint LuciaVisa not required6 weeks
Flag of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Saint Vincent and
the Grenadines
Visa not required1 month
Flag of Samoa SamoaEntry Permit on arrival60 days
Flag of San Marino San MarinoVisa required
Flag of São Tomé and Príncipe São Tomé and PríncipeVisa not required15 days
Flag of Saudi Arabia Saudi ArabiaVisa required
Flag of Senegal SenegalVisa on arrival90 days
Flag of Serbia SerbiaVisa not required90 days
Flag of Seychelles SeychellesVisitor's Permit on arrival3 months
Flag of Sierra Leone Sierra LeoneVisa on arrival
Flag of Singapore SingaporeVisa not required30 days
Flag of Slovakia SlovakiaVisa required
Flag of Slovenia SloveniaVisa required
Flag of Solomon Islands Solomon IslandsVisa required
Flag of Somalia SomaliaVisa on arrival30 daysAvailable at Bosaso Airport, Galcaio Airport and Mogadishu Airport.
Flag of South Africa South AfricaVisa not required30 days
Flag of South Sudan South SudanVisa required
Flag of Spain SpainVisa required
Flag of Sri Lanka Sri LankaeVisa / Visa on arrival30 days
Flag of Sudan SudanVisa on arrival1 monthOnly if arriving directly from Turkey.
Flag of Suriname SurinameTourist Card on arrival90 days
Flag of Sweden SwedenVisa required
Flag of Switzerland SwitzerlandVisa required
Flag of Syria SyriaVisa required
Flag of Tajikistan TajikistanVisa on arrival45 daysAt Dushanbe International Airport.
E-visa holders can
Flag of Tanzania TanzaniaeVisa / Visa on arrival3 months
Flag of Thailand ThailandVisa not required30 daysMaximum two visits annually if not arriving by air.
Flag of Timor-Leste East-TimorVisa on arrival30 days
Flag of Togo TogoVisa on arrival7 days
Flag of Tonga TongaVisa on arrival31 days
Flag of Trinidad and Tobago Trinidad and TobagoVisa not required90 days
Flag of Tunisia TunisiaVisa not required3 months
Flag of Turkmenistan TurkmenistanVisa required
Flag of Tuvalu TuvaluVisa on arrival1 month
Flag of Uganda UgandaeVisa / Visa on arrival3 monthsMay apply online.
Flag of Ukraine UkraineVisa not required90 days90 days within any 180-day period. - ID card valid.
Flag of United Arab Emirates United Arab EmiratesVisa requiredMay apply online.
Flag of United Kingdom United KingdomVisa requiredTransit Visa Required unless other exemptions apply for Visa-free Direct Airside Transit.
Flag of United States United StatesVisa required
Flag of Uruguay UruguayVisa not required90 days
Flag of Uzbekistan UzbekistanVisa not required30 days
Flag of Vanuatu VanuatuVisa not required30 days
Flag of Vatican City Vatican CityVisa required
Flag of Venezuela VenezuelaVisa not required90 days
Flag of Vietnam VietnamVisa requiredPrearranged visa obtained online through travel agencies available at Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Phu Quoc or Da Nang airports.
Phú Quốc without a visa for up to 30 days.
Flag of Yemen YemenVisa required
Flag of Zambia ZambiaeVisa / Visa on arrival90 days
Flag of Zimbabwe ZimbabweeVisa / Visa on arrival3 months