Turquoise Card in Turkey, a similar version of the American "green card," is the card that gives the "right to work and residence indefinitely". This card (Turkuaz Kart in Turkish) also provides a residence permit for the card owner's spouse and dependent children. The Turquoise Card System primarily foresees a transition period of 3 years. During the transition period, an expert will be tasked to monitor the activities and commitments of the cardholder foreign. The report will be prepared in 12 month periods by the expert. At the end of three years, if the foreigner's situation is positive, an unlimited card will be given within 30 days. If any offense is committed during this time, the foreigner will lose this right, and the Turquoise card will be canceled. In exceptional circumstances, if the Turquoise cardholder is not a threat to Turkey, they may be granted Turkish citizenship after the transition period.

Who can apply for Turquoise Card?

• Foreigners who are considered highly qualified workforce with the education level, salary, professional knowledge and experience, science & technology contribution and so on,
• Foreigners who are considered highly qualified investors with its investment or export level, size of employment to be provided, contribution to scientific and technological developments and similar features,
• Scientists or researchers who contributed to the scientific and technological development or who conduct research and studies at the international level in terms of the interests of the country in the fields of science, industry, and technology,
• Foreigners who have succeeded internationally in terms of cultural, artistic, and sportive activities,
• Foreigners who contributed to the recognition and promotion of Turkey or Turkish culture on an international platform and who operate at the international level on issues related to Turkey's national interests.

Although they carry the necessary conditions for Turquoise Card Application;

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• Those who have entry and exit bans in my country,
• Those who have a disease that threatens public health,
• Foreigners who are thought to be a threat to public order and security can not apply to the Turquoise card.

How to Apply for the Turquoise Card?

Foreigners, who are legally located in Turkey, can apply directly through the system with their foreign identity number. If the applicant is abroad, it can be made through Turkish foreign representation.

Information and documents related to the application made from abroad shall be transmitted to the Ministry in the electronic environment via Turkish foreign representation. Turkuaz Card applications can also be made by the authorized brokerage house on behalf of foreigners at home and abroad. The application is completed by entering the information and documents determined by the General Directorate into the system during the application of the Turkuaz Card.

Documents Required for the Application

• Application petition,
• Copy of the passport or equivalent document of the foreigner,
• Certificate of conformity taken from related public organization or institution, if any,

Dependent on which conditions the applicant satisfies;

• For foreigners assessed as qualified workforce; diploma, labor contract, cv (curriculum vitae), assignment or appointment letter, professional experience, documents showing known foreign languages other than the native language and accepted at international level.
• For foreigners who are evaluated as highly qualified investors; Documents showing the size of the investment, level of employment, export quantity, financial capability, and the region, sector, and business in operation.
• For scientists and researchers; diploma, academic career and title certificate, owned academic studies or license, and trademark or patent documents.
• For foreigners who have succeeded nationally or internationally in terms of cultural, artistic, and sports activities; documents showing success and documents published on the official website of the General Directorate.

General Directorate has the authority to add new documents or change these documents. Regulations made within this scope are published on the official website of the General Directorate.

Turquoise Card Scoring System

The scoring system will be made according to the following criteria system applied by the General Directorate is used in the evaluation of the application for Turquoise Card. Applicants receiving sufficient points within the scoring system are considered positive.

If the applicant is someone assessed as qualified workforce;

• Educational background, the reputation of the higher education institution, wage level, work experience, the level of expertise, knowledge of the foreign language and to work in highly qualified jobs requiring expertise.

If the applicant is an investor;

• Documented or registered investment, the level of export and employment, the quality of the sector, region, and business to be invested.

The types of investments that will be made to become a cardholder in Turkey are not limited to one option. Investments such as making capital investments in Turkey, establish a business in Turkey, and buying real estate in Turkey supplement the list.

If the applicant is a scientist or researcher;

• The academic title, work experience, working in strategic sectors regarding the country economy, the patent registered by national or international bodies, trademark or license, innovation activities, and similar features that show their qualities.

If the applicant is an athlete;

• National athlete certificate, national or international degrees and awards, club license, the national or international success of the club, and similar features that show their qualities.

If the applicant is someone who owns an idea and work of art;

• The awareness of their works, national or international awards, and similar features that show their qualities,

If the applicant is someone who contributed to the recognition and promotion of Turkey or Turkish culture;

• Advertising activities, internationally conducted activities, and similar features that show their qualities.

What are the advantages of a Turkuaz Card?

Foreigners who have Turkuaz Card;

• They will be exempted from military service in Turkey.
• They can not benefit from their right to enter public offices and the right to vote and stand for election.
• They will receive the same benefits as a Turkish citizen regarding residence, travel, work, investment, commercial activity, inheritance, movable and immovable business, and remuneration. But, if the law requires the person to be a Turkish citizen, the rights and benefits shall not apply.