One of the best advances in digital technology, while cryptocurrencies reached the summit, real estate has been the main area of profit from it. Bayram Tekce, the Chairman of Tekce Overseas Gayrimenkul AS, declared that they have made numerous property sales with cryptocurrencies in the last 2 months.

Bitcoin Accepted HereEver since the cryptocurrency price dive in a rising trend, global investors started to seek out several investment options for profit realization from it. Along this line, one of the most significant markets was the real estate sector.

Assessing with current affairs in the cryptocurrencies, Bayram Tekçe, Chairman of Tekçe Overseas, said, “With our goal to be a pioneer in PropTech, crypto payment methods were always on our agenda. In this period, when the value of Bitcoin reached record levels, we created a significant value with the reliable and easy payment methods we offer to investors and we experienced a serious increase in demand in this regard.”

Bitcoin Peaked

We have completed successfully more than 50 property sales within the last 2 months

Bayram Tekçe, who made the first property sale with cryptocurrency in the world in 2017, said that they have sold more than 50 properties within the last 2 months when the Bitcoin peaked at a record level. He also emphasized that Turkey provides a very large investment opportunity to cryptocurrency investors for maintaining an equilibrium their capitals by using property investment as leverage in its liberal economy area.

Cryptocurrency and all digital currencies continue to evolve with the maximum volume are on the agenda over recent days. The appreciation of the market has been proceeding to increase fastly. The third of the Bitcoin Halving was held on May 11, 2020, with the objective of reducing speed the of production and balancing the supply on the market. As a conclusion of the halving, Bitcoin was expected to gain more value and become commonplace as a medium of exchange or investment in the near future. Furthermore, investors in seeking a facility that will not lose value by reason of the global pandemic; the American presidential election and the expanding interest of businesses in the area also sparked the increase in appreciation. Being a decentralized currency in the digital world, Bitcoin grabs investor’s attention by virtue of to enabled to pay for a large number of things in a safe way in the real world.