Andrei V.Andrei V.

With great pleasure I would like to offer my feedback on Sana Majeed, my real estate agent from Istanbul Homes.

When I came to Istanbul Homes’ office for the first time Sana and the team greeted me and made myself comfortable in one of the meeting rooms. Before we started the business discussions I was left there alone for a moment, and at that time the firm’s General Manager was passing and dropped by. I vividly remember him greeting me and saying: “Andrey, you’ve got Sana as an agent? You are indeed in very good hands!” I rolled my eyes up and with a pinch of skepticism but politely fired back: “Well, I certainly hope so!”

Sana came back and off we went straight for the hunt for our family’s new home in Istanbul! Sana was very good in asking me all the right questions to understand my (client’s) needs, putting down my best apartment selection criteria, and helped me organize those criteria in priority order. She also made sure she fully understood which of the criteria are a must have and which ones are flexible and negotiable. Obviously, it is very wise of her to do this early in the process so that she could limit the search only to suitable options and save everyone’s time and money.

If I recall correctly my ideal apartment had the following characteristics:

- Suitable for a Turkish citizenship application

- Within a set budget

- Located in a building with fully completed and finished construction work (as opposed to be ready in a few months’ time)

- Be in modern, fast-developing area with good transportation and other infrastructure

- Ideally should earn rent and investment income.

Sana have done a lot of research and presented me only with a narrow list of apartments to view. All of them from very well-known and respectable construction companies. To cut the long story short I spent only two full days visiting various sites and meeting with the sales offices of construction companies. Sana and I found the perfect apartment quickly and signed the sales deal. She was also very helping with all minor details concerning the notary, bank payments, various paperwork and follow up with various stakeholders during the purchase process.

Great communication skills, sales focus, great customer service and not the least of all a lot of patience and tolerance with demanding clients and other partners make Sana a great sales/real estate agent!

When I got my apartment’s TAPU and congratulations message from Sana a question again popped in my mind: “With Sana being my real estate agent, was I indeed in very good hands? Well, I certainly was! Or even better, I have no doubts I was!”