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Istanbul Homes ® feature a variety of land for sale in Istanbul; residential, commercial, industrial, and agricultural. Find plots for sale in Istanbul by using the filters on the left side to refine your search.

As the leading real estate company in Turkey, we also have other types of properties for sale in our portfolio; flats, apartments, villas, houses for sale in Istanbul, and commercial real estate. Call our expert team today to arrange a viewing tour in Istanbul.

Types of Land for Sale in Istanbul

Lands in Turkey are categorized into three main types; lands with zoning permit lands without a zoning permit and public lands. Public use areas such as public parks and national parks are called public lands. These lands belong to either local municipalities or to the Turkish state. If you buy land in Istanbul with a zoning permit, this means you can build on it. However, if you buy land without a zoning permit, you can not build construction on it. If you build on this type of land, your construction will be unlicensed and the local municipality will pull down your construction. Lands without zoning permits are generally used for agriculture.

There are different types of land for sale in Istanbul, varying according to their zoning permits. These are residential lands, commercial lands, industrial lands, tourism lands, and mixed types. As their name signifies, the type of zoning will determine the intended purpose of the buildings on these lands. If the zoning permit is residential, it is not possible to build a commercial property on the land.

Commercial lands are for business use which includes a variety of property types such as offices, restaurants, hotels, stores and etc. If you are thinking of building a property for your business, this is the right type of land for you to buy. Industrial lands, on the other hand, are generally used for bigger volumes of business and manufacturing such as factories.

Tourism lands can be used only for tourist facilities. There are many tourism lands in Istanbul and other touristic locations in Turkey.

Foreign property buyers and investors are interested in the land in Istanbul for sale. Buyers prefer residential and commercial lands to build their own constructions as it is a profitable investment. In addition to the lands in the central locations of the city, there are rural lands for sale in Istanbul, too. Some buyers purchase farmland for sale in Istanbul to do agriculture in the rural areas of the city. These agricultural lands for sale in Istanbul might also get zoning permits in the future due to the municipal decisions.

Buying a Land in Istanbul

As Istanbul is one of the best locations for real estate investment in the world, many investors and property buyers are interested in buying land in Istanbul, besides other types of real estate for sale in Istanbul. However, there are some key points to know before purchasing land.

If you want to buy land in Istanbul, you should learn about the property and the surrounding plots as much as possible. The most important things to consider while buying land are as follows;

• You should check the zoning permit of the land.
• The soil structure of the land should be analyzed to maximize the return on investment.
• You should learn about the surroundings of the land. If the land is located near a hospital, underground or a highway, this will be very advantageous.
• Security against natural disasters and the possibility of eminent domain should be considered.
• If possible, the land should be seen on site. Also, it should be checked online. You can get professional service for this.

If you buy a plot in Istanbul through our company, all this information will be provided to you by our experienced agents. We ensure that you make a good investment and the purchasing process ends with “zero failure” when you buy with us. To achieve this, we check all related information of the land and we ensure that you are buying land in Istanbul at the best price. If you are looking for cheap land for sale in Istanbul, you are checking the right website.

Istanbul is one of the most populated megacities and attraction points in Eurasia. The city plays an important role in the Turkish economy. A wide variety of manufacturing trade branches is carried out in Istanbul. Besides, there are high budget projects in Istanbul which increase the values of the real estate in the city. All these factors make it very advantageous to invest in real estate in Istanbul.

Further Information

You will find exactly what you are looking for thanks to the professional work of Istanbul Homes. Besides, we have all kinds of real estate for sale that you might need including apartments in Istanbul to buy, houses, lands, and commercial properties in Istanbul. Call us now for more detailed information and to arrange a viewing tour.

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Lands for Investment Close to the Airport in IstanbulLands right next to the international airport located in Arnavutkoy offer investment opportunities. Lands for sale in Istanbul are suitable for villas, commercial buildings, and apartments.
BASE PRICE2.000.000 TLVerified PriceFROM208.300 USD
Tourism Zoned Land in a Valued Location in PendikTourism zoned land is located in Pendik coastal area near Marmaray. The land within walking distance of all amenities is suitable for constructing both villas and commercial properties.
BASE PRICE5.500.000 TLVerified Price572.700 USD
Investment Lands for Sale Near FSM Bridge in Beykoz IstanbulCentral lands are centrally located in Beykoz, close to the university and hospital. They are near the highway. Lands for sale promise profitable investment opportunities.
BASE PRICE4.475.000 TLVerified PriceFROM466.000 USD
Land for Sale Close to D-100 Highway in İstanbulThe land that is located in the urban transformation region in Atasehir, is within walking distance to public transportations such as subway, buses. The 302 sqm land is surrounded by many trees.
BASE PRICE3.950.000 TLVerified Price411.300 USD

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Land Near the Sea and E-80 Highway in Kumburgaz, IstanbulThe sea view land for sale is located in Kumburgaz, the holiday destination of Istanbul. The land is close to the E-80 Highway and the sea.
BASE PRICE8.500.000 TLFROM885.100 USD
Land for Sale with High Investment Opportunity in BeykozForest view land for sale with a fruit garden is located in Beykoz. 1750 m² fruit garden land will soon gain value with the villa development permit, which is expected to be issued in the region.
BASE PRICE3.500.000 TL364.500 USD

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Silivri Land for Sale Suitable for Construction in IstanbulLand in Istanbul is suitable for the construction of housing, business center, shopping mall, hotel, and health center. There are many official and private service units around the land.
BASE PRICE82.000.000 TLVerified Price8.538.700 USD
Sea View Villa Permitted Land in the Center of KartalThe land is located in the favorable region of Kartal, Istanbul. Improved land is suitable for villa construction and it has a charming sea view.
BASE PRICE4.150.000 TLFROM432.100 USD

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