Real Estate in Sariyer Istanbul

Real Estate in Sariyer Istanbul

Sarıyer's Overview

Situated on the European side of Istanbul, Sarıyer, along with other surrounding districts like Beşiktaş, Şişli, and Eyüp, makes a name for themselves as favorite destinations of the Istanbul real estate market. Potential buyers with a high budget would do well to look at a property for sale in Sariyer, Istanbul because it offers an upper scale lifestyle combined with the delightful pleasures of seaside living. Buying a property in Sariyer will provide you big gains in the future.

Given its geographical position at the northern end of the European side, it is the last district before the Bosphorus opens into the black sea, so naturally small cafes and seafood restaurants lining the coastline make a roaring trade especially during summer and at weekends when Turks flock to absorb the carefree lifestyle.

Its other claim to fame is the nostalgic architecture of the old wooden yalı houses that were seaside mansions for the wealthy and elite circles of the Ottoman Empire. They include the private Sadberk Hanım Museum and Sait Halim Paşa Mansion that are both open to the public. You can find many yalı houses and houses for sale in Sariyer on our website.

Real Estate in Sarıyer İstanbul

History of Sariyer

History books say the first name of Sarıyer was Simas, and over the years, it has altered many times before reaching its present name meaning "yellow place". Maintaining a low presence as rural fishing villages, its highlighted era came after the conquest of İstanbul in 1453 when many immigrants settled in the area.

The elite social circles of the Ottoman Dynasty preferred it as a resting and relaxation district, making it a high-profile community where they had summer homes built. Their preference for it as a hunting ground also ensured that it is one of the greenest areas in Istanbul.
It was not until the latter half of the 20th century when the new roads and urban planning become the standard that the district started to grow into the desired area that it is today.

Prominent Neighbourhoods of The District

Istinye, sitting close to the business district of Maslak is one of the more prestigious neighborhoods of Sariyer. Properties in Sariyer İstinye are preferred by almost everyone. The must-go-to place for shopping in the area is Istinye Park, a state-of-the-art shopping mall that opened in 2007. Four floors holding many brand name and international label shops and boutiques that focus on luxury and high-end shopping, ensuring that it fits in perfectly with the ambiance of the area.

The Istanbul stock exchange also has its headquarters in Istinye and dining out is also thoroughly enjoyed as a favorite pastime because of the diversity of restaurants and cafes.

Zekeriyaköy village is another area of Sarıyer that is gaining pace on the real estate portfolio of Istanbul. Many business professionals, as well as retired people from the elite social circles of Turkey, live in Zekeriyakoy because of its prestigious ambiance. Old Ottoman mansions set aside modern homes with the latest architectural styles and together they present a varied portfolio of high-end luxury properties for sale in Sariyer.

Sarıyer has 32 neighborhoods with a population of roughly 350,000 people. Other prominent areas include the historical Emirgan, the busy beach district of Kilyos, rustic Rumeli Feneri with its lighthouse landmark, and the fishing village of Rumeli Kavağı that is naturally famous for its fish restaurants.

Famous Landmarks

Families, couples, and single people would never get bored in Sarıyer, İstanbul because of the many places to visit including the local landmarks. One of the most popular is Belgrade Forest, the old hunting ground of the Ottoman elite. Dedicated to the momentous battle when the Ottomans took Belgrade, the scenic forest is popular with joggers and in summer families who enjoy lakeside picnics. Belgrade Forest is also home to the Atatürk Arboretum, a living tree museum featuring trees from all over the world.

Given Sarıyer’s long and esteemed history, it is no surprise that there are many historical landmarks including the Rumeli Castle. Sitting in a neighborhood of the same name, it played a prominent part in ensuring success for the Ottomans during the conquest of Istanbul.

Otherwise, the old mansion housing the Sakıp Sabancı Museum in Emirgan displays a perfect architecture as well as Ottoman-era paintings. Within the same neighborhood is the beautiful urban park of Emirgan Grove but the most famous local landmark is Telli Baba Tomb, dedicated to the urban legend of a saint who helped single people find the right person they were going to marry.

Real Estate in Sarıyer İstanbul

Transport Network

One advantage to buy a property in Sariyer, Istanbul is the transport network. Getting to and from Sariyer is simple, quick, and cheap. However, while the rest of the city avoids rush hour traffic during weekdays, Sariyer residents avoid the long coastal road at weekends because of the influx of visitors causes traffic jams and it is much easier to walkabout.

A regular minibus shuttle runs between Sariyer and the neighboring district of Besiktas and naturally given its sizeable coastal line, ferry services also run every day. The ultramodern Istanbul Airport connects Istanbul with the rest of the world is just an hour’s drive.

For More Information

Sariyer has a pleasant blend of natural landmarks, Turkish culture, elite living, and historical values, making it a beautiful place to live in Istanbul. It also makes a roaring trade in summer from domestic tourism, as Turks flock from surrounding areas to discover for themselves exactly what all the hype is about. Sariyer apartments for sale are getting more and more valuable every day. Mansions, villas, and Sarıyer apartments for sale close to all possibilities of the city are attracting great interest from all buyers and investors. You can buy a property in Sariyer for sale and rent it to make a big income.

For more information about the area or a Sariyer property for sale including lands for sale in Sariyer and commercial properties in Sariyer, contact us today and speak with an experienced sales representative with local knowledge.

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