Coworking spaces have become quite popular in Istanbul Turkey. They gain a reputation in following adopting remote working models in recent years. New-generation jobs now mostly require a digital presence rather than being attached to a certain location. So, most of these jobs can be operated remotely via online communication channels.

Buying a commercial property to turn it into a sustainable workplace for your business is a smart investment. But as for start-ups or remote workers, new-generation coworking spaces may come in handy at first.

Coworking spaces stand out as a flexible and cost-effective option. They are mostly chosen by entrepreneurs and businesspeople. These workplaces provide a convenient solution to people who look for a professional setting to work in.

There are different types of coworking spaces. For example, some places provide a decent working environment. And some are specially designed for business purposes and offer a wide range of services. The latter are mostly adorned with state-of-the-art infrastructure to provide the necessities of a workplace.

Coworking spaces for startups in Istanbul give a chance of not making a long-term commitment to a rental lease. They also go beyond traditional office ideas and provide every need of a workplace in a modern way. These spaces are particularly useful for companies with a distributed workforce.

Types of Coworking Spaces in Istanbul

woman working on a cafe table with laptop and notepadThere are four different types of shared working spaces as public libraries, cultural centers, coffee shops, and virtual offices in Istanbul. People can take their notebooks, and work all day with no interruption.

Cultural Centers: Istanbul is the cultural capital of Turkey and it hosts a great number of cultural centers. These places are mostly operated by private institutions, funded by deep-rooted foundations.

Most of cultural centers include more than just studying and working spaces. They have exhibition halls, activity rooms, and on-site facilities like cafes and restaurants. Since they are private establishments, they may require membership.

Libraries: Istanbul is the center of higher education. A remarkable amount of students move to Istanbul to get a proper education. To provide them with a decent space to study, the city is filled with public and private libraries.

Private libraries are mostly funded by private establishments. Public libraries are operated by the local municipalities. While public libraries are free-of-charge, private ones may require a small amount of payment for certain memberships.

Coffee shops: In Istanbul, you can come across people working on their computers in a coffee shop. In every corner, you can run into small, modernly designed, third-wave cafes to work.

Even some of them are called “book-cafes”. They bring a bookstore and a cafe theme together. These bookstore-themed cafes offer extensive studying and working environments. The library ambiance along with a cup of tasty espresso is a great setting to work in.

Collaborative Workplaces: These coworking spaces are specially designed to create an actual office space. These are operated by private establishments and may require memberships. They offer all kinds of services to the members, from meeting rooms to office supplies.

One of the main reasons why these coworking spaces are in high demand is the whole social community that they provide. Unlike working from home, specially designed workplaces offer a collaborative environment. In this way, like-minded people can also network there. These gatherings can lead to new partnerships and collaborations.

What Kind of Amenities Does the Coworking Space Provide?

people working in a modern officeNew-generation workplaces provide more than just a modern environment. They offer lots of services and on-site amenities along with a decent workplace.

• Diverse membership options for every purpose. In Istanbul coworking spaces allow people to choose the most suitable membership option. The membership types are determined to be suitable for diverse lifestyles, needs, and timetables.

• Office-like amenities. Nowadays, a sufficient office needs more than a dedicated desk and a plug socket. These facilities provide office supplies for presentations and meetings.

High-speed internet is also a must-have. Lots of these shared offices provide quality wifi accessibility. These shared office establishments offer a wide range of services to meet every need for an actual office space.

Some of them serve beverages. There might be printing and scanning services. Private meeting rooms with presentation supplies are perfect for a weekly roundup.

To blow off some steam while on break, some of them offer game rooms. They might even have sleeping rooms to relax and keep your mind clean and focus clear.

• A modern workplace. These collaborative workplaces allow people to handle their jobs in a professional and modern environment. Freelancers and digital nomads can manage their to-do lists in a decent workplace.

• Creative ambiance. The right atmosphere can create a highly motivated attitude. In a sufficient workplace, even simple daily tasks can have inspiring outcomes.

These affordable coworking spaces in Istanbul are specially designed with modern details. In most of them, ergonomic furniture is preferred to promote productivity.

• Ability to arrange meetings with clients or coworkers. There are a remarkable amount of coworking spaces with meeting rooms in Istanbul. Members can arrange business meetings with their clients or a small group of coworkers in the meeting rooms. Trying to discuss significant details about work in loud restaurants is history now.

• Cost-effectiveness. Opening an office for a new business is effective in the long haul. It also bears a significant investment value.

As for remote workers, a private office might be costly. These collaborative offices can be convenient to avoid the overhead costs of maintaining a private office to work in.

Best Coworking Spaces in Istanbul

lots of apartments and building around galeta tower with sea viewThe most in-demand coworking spaces in Istanbul are specially designed collaborative offices. These facilities are followed by free libraries with Wi-Fi for digital nomads.

Since Istanbul is the main business hub of the country, it attracts loads of businesspeople and entrepreneurs. There is a significant need for shared office spaces in Istanbul to provide a decent working environment for digital nomads. Here are some of the best coworking places in Istanbul.

Rami Library

The historical military barracks of Rami have turned into one of the biggest libraries in Turkey in 2023. This magnificent building is open to the public as a library now. The massive building covers a total area of 220 thousand sqm and a huge landscaped garden.

It offers a historical, rustic working environment. Rami complex goes beyond the idea of a standard library concept. Rami is an interactive campus with a neat working environment and cultural facilities. It is a great option for digital nomads to work in.

Salt Galata

The institution sits in a perfect location in Galata, just between the Galata Tower and Karaköy. The establishment uses a historical building of a former Ottoman bank. Even one bank vault is exhibited in its library.

Today, Salt Galata operates as a cultural center. It has exhibition halls, activity spaces, and a stylish library. Salt Galata’s modernly designed working environment intertwined with the historical building is the perfect setting to work.

Beyazıt State Library

people studying in mosque-like placeThe building’s historical background traces back to the Ottoman period. It is now being used as a state library, open for public use. Its prime location in the heart of the city is easily accessible. The simplistic design and fresh ambiance make Beyazıt State Library another great place to work freely.
Minoa Cafe & Bookstore

Minoa is one of the most famous bookstore-themed cafes in Istanbul. Its cozy, retro design makes a great combination with delicious pastries and tasty beverages. The cafe is mostly preferred by students and digital nomads, looking for free workspaces for remote workers.

Minoa’s bookstore contains a great number of English books, perfect for foreigners. The bookstore part also offers a great opportunity to get lost among the shelves while taking a break from working.

I.D.E.A Kadıköy

I.D.E.A Kadıköy is designed as a new-generation free coworking space for digital nomads. It is specially designed for studying and working purposes to promote productivity. I.D.E.A. is operated by Kadıköy Municipality and offers lots of on-site amenities.

As for its cafe, they serve all kinds of food and beverages you can choose from. There are cold or hot drink options, soups, and toasts. Plus, the prices are quite affordable.

Its perfect position by the sea offers stunning sea views. I.D.E.A. has a perfect natural setting to witness while working remotely. Since it is free of charge, it is one of the best free working spaces for digital nomads.

Kolektif House

Kolektif House is a safe and private establishment. It features artsy coworking spaces with a new-generation office-like environment. These shared workplaces are a cost-effective solution for remote workers and digital nomads. Kolektif House also acts as a modern meeting place for already established companies.

Kolektif House provides open spaces for companies to organize gatherings, and make presentations from time to time. Its collaborative working spaces have everything you are looking for from a perfectly designed office environment. There are a few branches of the Kolektif House, which makes them highly accessible via public transportation.