Istanbul is a magnificent city located in one of the most important locations in the world. Starting from the connecting the continents of Asia and Europe, there are numerous reasons to live in Istanbul. In our blog, we prepared the most important 10 reasons to live in Istanbul.

Istanbul is the most crowded city in Europe. More than 16 million people live in Istanbul, and they all have reasons to live in this unique city. It is located in the northwestern part of Turkey. Istanbul is the exact place where Europe and Asia continents are believed to meet.

The strategically important location of the city made it a focal point throughout history. The civilizations, religions, cultures, and traditions have become famous or forgotten in this city. Istanbul is a city that fastly adapted to nearly all changes that have been made in the history of mankind.

1- Center of Attention

The city is the center of attention for the economy, commerce, culture, and history in Turkey. Also, it is a fact that one of the most important ones among all middle eastern major cities. The main reason that people choose this city is to experience first-hand the features a major city can offer.

The residents of Istanbul are aware of they are living in one of the rare unique cities in the world. The foreigners who are moving to Istanbul also easily adapt to the city with its structure consisting of various cultures.

Everything new to the country starts in this city. Amenities, facilities, and services first come to Istanbul, then spreads to the country. So, living in Istanbul means living in the exact center of Turkey.

2- Business Opportunities

skyscraper, buildings, trafficIn Turkey, the headquarters of all big companies are located in Istanbul. Also, the international companies which have Turkish branches have their offices located in Istanbul. The job opportunities from technology centers, commercial facilities, and various companies make Istanbul an ideal place for career planning.

Istanbul has a big market. It creates the %40 of the total GPD of Turkey. So, the city is suitable for both working or investing in.

The enterprises started in Istanbul aims for the highest profit potential in the country. The workers in Istanbul are getting way more monthly wages than the workers in other cities in Turkey. So, it is a win-win situation for both workers and entrepreneurs.

In addition, investors who want to buy property in Istanbul consider this city a good starting point for real estate investment.

3- Developed Facilities

The development status of facilities in a major city determines how the life quality in the city will be. The facility types including transportation, general infrastructure, security, and health system are highly developed in this city. So, the residents of the city can travel around the city faster and get the required services easily. There is a wide variety of options of facilities and services to choose from.

The most developed facility infrastructure in Istanbul is transportation. A city with that high population density has to have developed transportation systems. Also, Istanbul is located on two lands separated by sea. These lands have to be connected.

The areas in Istanbul have been worked to get the easiest connections. The two sides and the various districts and parts of the city are connected well. Today, it has developed transportation facilities. According to the developed facility status, Sisli, Besiktas, and Kadikoy are considered one of the best place to live in Istanbul.

4- Affordable Cost of Living

grocery, food, veggyAmong European cities, Istanbul is one of the cities with the lowest cost of living. It is the most expensive place to live in Turkey. When it is compared to other cities such as Paris, London, and Berlin, it offers a more affordable cost of living.

It combines a rich variety of business offers and affordable prices for a living. It makes itself one of the unique cities to relocate to. Both sides of Istanbul have places that offer lower costs at every point of life. The low cost of living in Istanbul is making it a perfect location in addition to the other advantages.

5- Rich Options for Amenities

The daily amenities are one of the first factors that affect the choice of the buyers. Istanbul offers a wide range of options in each amenity aspect. There are numerous medical centers, educational institutions, shopping centers, sports facilities, and various types of amenities available in Istanbul. So, when Istanbul residents want or need to do something, they have a large variety of options.

As it is the biggest network point in Turkey, all amenities are available in the city. Also, the amenities are only within walking distance in most places. Easy access and rich options make Istanbul an ideal choice for living. For more detailed information about the best area to live in Istanbul, you can visit our blog.

6- Center of Education and Healthcare

In education and healthcare, Turkey developed well. The city offers more opportunities such as international education systems, and modern solutions for healthcare.

Families who want to buy property always consider these features of the area. Education for children and the modern healthcare system can be one of the most important choices that families give. The modern medical centers and international schools in Istanbul are highly preferred by expat living in Istanbul.

7- Ideal Climate

The climate of the city is defined as a transitional mild climate. There are slightly cold winters and hot and sunny summers. So, it is easily experienceable all 4 seasons in the city.

The ideal climate features offer long beach seasons and short freezing cold times. When the climate is taken into consideration, it is one of the best cities to live in.

8- Well Developed Entertainment

The families who want to attend leisure activities and singles who want to join the nightlife in Istanbul will be happy. It offers one of the widest selections for entertainment. This includes cultural and historical places, concerts, theatres, museums, football matches, sports activities, and countless more.

There are various nightclubs, entertainment centers, and talking clubs located in Istanbul. These social places make the newcomers more easily adapt and feel more comfortable. So, this city is more than a boring historical city. Thanks to the low living cost in Istanbul, these activities can be done at affordable prices.

9- Rich History

grand bazaar, shopIstanbul was home to many different cultures and civilizations. There are countless historical places to see in the city. The most important places are Hagia Sophia, Topkapi Palace, Galata Tower, Grand Bazaar, and Basilica Cistern.

The city was a key point in history. Many important events, people, and cultures lived and were born here. So, living in Istanbul means living near the excellent historical richness.

10- Diversity in Places

The city consists of 39 districts in total. Some of these districts are located in green areas surrounded by beautiful nature. And, some of them are coastal areas that offer unique views of the Bosphorus.

The diversity in districts in Istanbul is not limited to location features. They are categorized as some are more suitable for business and others are suitable for residential purposes.

Besiktas, Kadikoy, Sisli, and Fatih are considered the best places to live in Istanbul for expats. They combine the rich history of the city, modern architecture, and opportunities for business purposes.

Istanbul is the largest city in Turkey. It consists of two sides, the Asian Side and the European Side.

They offer different lifestyles. The European Side is considered the economical center of the city. The Asian Side of Istanbul consists of more residential areas.

Living and working in Istanbul on either side is also possible, thanks to the developed transportation network including the Bosphorus Bridge.

The European Side has important places in Istanbul, such as the famous Taksim Square and the Sariyer district. The Asian Side has large residential districts that are considered the best neighborhoods in Istanbul to live in.

The expat communities can be found in nearly all parts of Istanbul. Average costs on both sides are lower than in most western countries. With this advantage, life in Turkey is slightly better than in other countries.

In conclusion, it is among the most unique cities in the world. Millions of people chose here to live and they all have different reasons. It has numerous things to offer.

There are common things to know. But, everyone should experience the city by themselves and choose the best area in Istanbul to live in.