“It is our national ideal to support and develop the worthy and noble character of the Turkish nation, her industrious quality, her intelligence, her dedication to science, her love of fine arts, and her feeling of national unity always and with every available means and measure. This aim, which is one very suited to the Turkish nation, will make her successful in fulfilling her obligation to cultivate real peace in the entire world.”

Mustafa Kemal Atatürk

"Gentleman! We shall declare the republic tomorrow," said Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, and he declared the birth of the Republic of Turkey and became the first president on October 29, 1923. It was the first day of modern and secular Turkey.Turkey, map, cosmopolitan

Atatürk launched many revolutionary reforms, which were designed to transform the essence of the new Turkish Republic into a modern country. They included many social, political, and economical decisions within the country. Women in Turkey got the right to vote and be elected in 1934 before many European countries with the foundation of the Republic. Abroad, Turkey has followed a policy of neutrality by establishing friendly relations with its neighbors.

And today, Turkey is appreciated as one of the countries where people of many nationalities live in peace without discrimination. Turkey's cosmopolitan structure welcomes people from all over the world with respect, regardless of their race, color, age, or gender.

Millions of foreigners visit Turkey on holidays or when they just want to recharge mentally. Many of them want to live here to feel safe, probably because they feel like they are in their hometown here but with better standards.

Turkey is One of the Top Countries for Living

We can support this heading by examining the most principal areas of life in Turkey. She is a good country to live in because the cost of living in Turkey is affordable; we can even say cheap.

You can reach healthy food at your doorstep and buy it at the most affordable prices. Properties for sale in Turkey are quite reasonable compared to Europe, especially when considering investment opportunities. Standards of living and accommodation may be the most basic but most effective reasons.

Education is a very important issue here. It is the first choice of thousands of Erasmus students every year. Especially education in Istanbul has appreciated worldwide, thanks to its well-established educational institutions.

In terms of earning life, Turkey hosts many foreign-based companies, therefore there is a wide range of job opportunities in all sectors. According to the 2022 Best Countries Rankings from US NEWS, Turkey is in the top 30 countries in terms of income equality, innovation, a good job market, and being economically stable.

One of the principal reasons is that the healthcare system in Turkey is highly developed and free with the principle of "Everyone has the right to social security and health benefits." In the first half of 2022, 586.754 foreign nationals benefited from Turkey's health services. This number cannot be underestimated in any way.

Living together an equal and humane life, being treated in a hospital, having a job… The benefits of living in Turkey are endless, but she continues to expand its benefit scope for the citizens of the country, as stated in the above quote by Atatürk.

Turkey Gratefully Honors Atatürk and Our Hero Ancestors

Our country has succeeded in creating her own light with our heroic ancestors and Atatürk, fascinating the whole world with her stories of independence. We consider both October 29 and November 10, the memorial day of Atatürk, as examining days.

We think about the necessary steps in line with Atatürk's goal to elevate Turkey above the level of contemporary civilization. We aim to be more developed together for our country and "Peace at home, peace in the world". This mindset is inherited from our ancestors. Those who share our values are very valuable to us, regardless of their nationality.

We thank our ancestors for leaving us a developed and prosperous country.