Istanbul Homes ®, the leading real estate company in Turkey, recommends property buyers to take a viewing tour with us before they make up their minds. Our customers have several privileges, some of the most important are as follows;

Why Would I Take a Viewing Tour with Istanbul Homes?

Work with Local Experts: We have a broad choice of properties for sale. We know about all the real estate for sale, their histories, their developers, and sales terms in the areas that we operate. Since we are the local experts of our service areas, we also understand the actual value of the properties according to their location and features. When an owner demands an unreasonable or unnecessary price, we do not agree to advertise the properties.

Save Time: Property buyers have different expectations and needs. Since we have full knowledge of the properties in our portfolio, after having a chat with you and understanding your wishes, we offer you only the best suitable real estate according to your expectations. To sum up, we only focus on considerable options.

Get Professional Service: As the leading real estate agency in Turkey, Istanbul Homes acts in a professional manner against all parties. We stand as a referee between buyers and sellers to finalize the sales process appropriately and judiciously for both parties. To serve all of our customers professionally and to keep our team members in the same professional manner, we train our employees at Tekce Academy constantly. Our company values are the compass of our business. Related pages; "Why Istanbul Homes is the Leader in Turkish Real Estate Market?

Best Price Guarantee: All buyers would like to buy their properties at the correct prices. When buying with us, our customers have the advantage of “Best Price Guarantee”. This means, you can not find a better price than ours for the same real estate since we have high business traffic and sellers are willing to give special discounts for our company at the negotiation table owing to the fact that they want to get more customer traffic to their projects by using the network of Istanbul Homes.

We Speak Your Language: When buying a property overseas, dealing with someone who speaks your mother tongue and comes from your own culture is an important privilege. First of all, it avoids communication gaps. Also, someone coming from the same background as you will understand your expectations and their reasons better than anyone else. Our agents speak more than 20 languages. We offer clear communication in addition to professional service during your property purchasing process.

Feel at Ease with After-Sale Services: Viewing the properties is just a phase of our business. Istanbul Homes offers extensive free after-sale services special to its customers. We assist our clients for every step and related workloads of property purchasing such as getting real estate appraisal reports, preparing title deed documents, getting utility connections, buying new furniture, and so on. This brings long-time relations with our clients. We are there for our customers when they need assistance even after years. Learn more about our services.

“Zero Failure” Principle: Istanbul Homes has completed the property purchasing process for thousands of international property buyers successfully since the foundation of the company in 2004. Since we are aware of what a serious decision investment and buying a property are, we always work accordingly and we protect your savings with our professional work. We always end the real estate buying process with “zero failure” for our customers. We never leave the door open for surprises, we create the desired results.

Viewing Tour with Istanbul Homes ®

• We pick you up from your hotel or your residing address to bring you to our office for a presentation as the first step of our viewing day.
• After listening to your expectations carefully, we offer you a shortlist of properties meeting your expectations and inform you about them.
• We choose the most suitable option together.
• Before we leave for the viewing properties, we will ask you to sign our "Viewing Tour Form".
• We visit the properties and make a short city tour. In this way, you will have a grasp of every detail of the property and also the feel of the area.
• When you make your decision on one of the properties, we sign a sales contract in your preferred language.

Further Information

Haven’t purchased your property in Turkey yet? Call us or fill in the inquiry form to get more information and arrange a viewing tour. Learn more about Property Purchasing in Turkey.