Tekce Overseas is the leading real estate company that keeps expanding its borders and growing with success each passing day. We work with notable organizations and develop our business. As of today, we are proud to announce that our company is a new member of DEIK (Foreign Economic Relations Board of Turkey).

About DEIK

We Are the New Member of DEIK!DEIK (Foreign Economic Relations Board of Turkey) is a foundation that manages economic relations belonging to the foreign relations in matters of international services, construction, logistics, investigation of investment opportunities both domestic and overseas, contributing to increasing the value of Turkey’s exportation and coordinating similar business development activities. Established in 1985, the mission of the organization is to "develop the foreign economic relations of the Turkish market". It is a diplomatic organization consisting of volunteers formed by Turkey's leading entrepreneurs and business world representatives. DEIK’s values are as follows;

- Opening Turkey's doors in the field of commerce towards the world

- Representing our country's values, vision, and potential globally; strengthening ties within the global relationship

- Being Turkey's mind that comprehends the world in a foreign economy

- Shaping economic and political developments at local and global levels with the cooperation of public and private sector

- Working with competitive powers, leading entrepreneurs and brands

Tekce Overseas is a Part of the Spain Business Councils

We had already announced that we opened our office in Spain as of 2018. Tekce Overseas is now taking part in the Spain Business Council of DEIK to combine its professional team, technological infrastructure, and innovation skills with a strong organization.

We Are the New Member of DEIK!Business Councils of DEIK helps to strengthen relationships between countries. There are 3 main types of councils: Country Based Business Councils, Special Purpose Business Councils, and Sectoral Business Councils. These councils aim to collaborate with local or global companies and maintain the right market balance. Now, Tekce Overseas is now a member of the Spain Business Councils of DEIK to be one step ahead in terms of the global real estate market.

Benefits of Being a DEIK Member

When it comes to economic relations in the areas like importation, exportation, and investments, DEIK knows the importance of country representation in the global field. DEIK works to bring people, countries, even continents together under the roof of globalization, increase mutual interaction and vanish the physical borders.

Tekce Overseas has an important reputation in both Turkish and foreign real estate markets. We are ready to contribute to the competitive market economy and develop our business. As the leading real estate company, we will keep working with professional companies and our next step is to be Membership of the Turkish Exporters Assembly.