While buying a new home, we always look for larger properties. More usage areas mean more spacious we will live. But is it really like that? Do we really use extra areas without utilizing them? These areas will only give us a few more sqm to put in one more furnishing. Thankfully, we now have smart home systems.

Smart home technologies allow us to control our houses remotely. While the main advantage of the system is that, it also saves money and time. Today, no one ever asks what are smart homes. It is becoming more of a need, not a feature.

Internet of Things and Development of Smart Home Systems

It is obvious that the internet has a huge role in our lives. The usage area of the internet is getting larger day by day. We were only able to connect the internet with computers back in time. Now we can connect to the world with our smartphones and even watches.

Internet of Things and Development of Smart Home SystemsThe development of technology brought the internet to nearly every object. Everything from cars to agriculture equipment and basic kitchen appliances can now be connected to the internet. We can remotely control them, give orders, and prepare things when we are not able to.

The research published in IJACSA shows the development well. In 2015, the number of devices that connected to the internet was 15.4 billion. This number is expected to be 51.1 billion at the end of 2023 and 75.4 billion in 2025.

Usage of the internet in homes was unavoidable. That’s how the internet entered the things in our houses. Smart homes are now everywhere. The expectation is that all homes will have smart systems in the near future. The smart home concept is evolving with more technology.

What Can Smart Homes Do?

Generally, many smart homes can turn off electricity, operate smart devices, and ensure security. But this is a widely open-ended question. The capabilities of smart homes depend on needs and the ecosystem.

What Can Smart Homes DoBut, let’s make a general list that what can smart homes do. Smart homes can;

  • Keep the home safe with smart locks.
  • Ensure security with smart home security systems.
  • Automatically manage temperature and save energy with a smart thermostat.
  • Automatize tasks with a smart assistant.
  • Operate appliances with smart apps.
  • Control lights with smart home lights.

All of these operations provide three things: saving money and time and ensuring comfort. Sustainability is getting more important for our world and life. Saving energy is not only for a budget but also for a better future. So, homes with developing smart home automation systems will be used wider.

What Are the Best Smart Home Devices?

The best smart home devices are the ones suitable for your needs and requirements. While looking for smart home devices, there are some things to consider.

What Are the Best Smart Home Devices?First, you should find a device that suits your needs. Then, you should look if this device suits your smart home ecosystem. The devices generally meet the top home features that buyers want the most.

There are many smart home ecosystems. They operate as a smarthome hub. The total number will go even higher with custom systems. But, the top smart home ecosystems are from 3 top companies;

Amazon Alexa

Alexa offers a wide variety of voice commands with creating device groups. Also, the system is compatible with many devices including Vivint smart home devices and Ecobee smart home thermostats.

Apple HomeKitApple HomeKit

HomeKit is allowing the control of the whole home from an Apple device. You may use Siri to control lights, smart devices, and security devices such as wireless alarm systems.

Google Home

Google Home is another ecosystem that allows controlling the house with Google Assistant. It offers an advantageous smart home system option with huge compatibility. Smart houses with whole house automation systems use Google Home more.

How Much Would a Smart Home Cost?

It depends on your need. Construction companies generally provide a basic package for smart homes. But it is possible to extend the features of the entire smart home system. You may purchase other smart devices.

If you are willing to create a smart home from scratch, there will be more costs. If you are willing to try the system it will cost around 2.000 $. If you are living in a villa and looking for an extensive and luxe system, it can go high as 150.000 $.

Where Are Most Smart Homes Located?

Nearly everywhere. Smart homes are more than a feature now. Nearly all new construction projects offer smart home systems. Researches show that %20 of households in the world will have smart home technology by 2025.

But to speak generally, smart homes can be found in countries with more urban transformation projects. The reconstructed buildings are equipped with the latest technology of smart homes, at least with a smart home intercom system.

Where Are Most Smart Homes Located?The largest markets for smart homes are the US and the UK. Some European countries including Spain, France, and Turkey are also enlarging their smart home options. These countries have housing projects with whole home automation systems.

Turkish smart home options can be various with an offer of customized systems. These custom systems are personalized in accordance with the needs and wants of owners. Villas or apartments with the smart home system are getting demanded more.

The developing technology will also remove the doubts and questions of can smart homes be hacked. Time will show how it will continue to develop and what will smart homes look like in future.

Why Smart Homes a Good Idea in Turkey?

Because there are vast options. In nearly every city, there are many new construction projects ongoing. The most comprehensive options can be found in Istanbul properties with smart home systems.

Why Smart Homes a Good Idea in Turkey?The real estate sector in Turkey is developing in many fields. Turkey is easily adapting the new technologies in both construction and real estate. So in large cities such as Istanbul, Ankara, and Antalya, you may lost between the options and ask which smart home is the best.

As an innovative company using technology at its finest, Istanbul Homes ® has a portfolio with many properties with smart systems. You may contact us now to catch the future with a smart home in Turkey.