Uses of the internet are playing an important role in every respect in our days. Positive use of the internet makes our lives easy and simple. For example, if you want to buy a property, you can browse for portfolios by photos, sales conditions, and any details on many different websites. But, you may also be confused about the prices because of the lack of "Clean Advertisement".

There are 3 main reasons for different prices;

1- Website Updated

Website Updated

Many people think that it’s very easy to open an online real estate agency and sell the property. Everyone may open a virtual real estate agency with just an online presence. They can add many property portfolios to sell. But if they do not keep the information and prices up-to-date, these portfolios lose accuracy.

Our Solution: Istanbul Homes has a broad editor team that makes updates daily when we get feedback from a Construction Company, our Sellers, or Office Managers. You may see the updating date of each property on our website. We update all of our properties’ data at least every 3 months even we do not get any inquiry for that property. Our slogan is "Every time Correct Prices".

2- Exchange Rates and Updating

Exchange Rates and UpdatingMany real estate websites do not have exchange rates update programming. So, they calculate the prices manually when the property is added. However, as the exchange rate changes over time, the price does not reflect the truth anymore.

Our Solution: Istanbul Homes publishes the price exactly as is Construction Company announces. The sales price might be in a different currency, mostly in Turkish Lira. On our website, our system updates exchange rates automatically twice a day based on Turkish Central Bank rates.

3- Bad Intentions

Bad IntentionsSome estate agencies mislead people searching for property on the internet. They show the lower prices to get to the inquiry. After seeing a property, they try to mislead the customer by saying that "the project was just sold" or "they increased the price today", "That project has a bad location, I have a better offer for you" etc. The main purpose of these agencies is to get the contact info of the customer.

Our Solution: Istanbul Homes believes that "Honesty is the best policy" which is one of our core company values. Integrity and honesty are the foundations of our business.

Best Price Guarantee
Best Price Guarantee

Istanbul Homes offers you Best Price Guarantee. If you notice a higher price on our website than another website, we guarantee to give an extra 1% discount from our commission after negotiation on a possible sale. If you noticed a different price, may you fill in the contact form below and send us the link to that advertisement.