Verified Price

Verified PriceThe "Verified Price" badge means that the property’s price is verified directly from the property owner. We use this badge to prevent our customers from price pollution on online real estate platforms.

Istanbul Homes only sell properties that have the best possible prices in terms of our "Best Price Guarantee" principle. All properties are listed for sale with their best prices on this website, and the prices are monitored and controlled daily. If Istanbul Homes detect a lower price at any other platform, we immediately contact the property owner to learn the reason why.

The reason we encounter most is that small real estate agencies list their properties and then never update the prices and conditions as we do. Because of that, customers face lower prices. You should not forget that a property is offered for sale at a low price at the beginning. During the construction process, the price begins to increase. When it is ready to move, the property is offered for sale at the highest price. The prices should be followed and updated to give exact information by the agencies.(For more information, please read Different prices on different websites)

Whenever you see the badge of "Verified Price", you may be sure that the price is verified directly from the property owner.