Real Estate in Avcılar Istanbul

Real Estate in Avcılar Istanbul

Rapidly Emerging District of Istanbul: Property for Sale in Avcilar

Avcılar is located on the European side of Istanbul. It is surrounded by Küçükçekmece district in the east, Esenyurt and Beylikdüzü districts in the west, Başakşehir district in the north, and the Marmara Sea in the south. The district has an excellent geological formation surrounded by the lake and the sea.

Avcilar has a 42 km² total area. It is 28 km away from Istanbul but has wide transportation networks like TEM and E-5 highways. The district has 425.228 population and 10 neighborhoods.

Real Estate in Avcılar Istanbul

This district is a paradise to buy a property in Avcılar. With increasing numbers of properties for sale in Avcılar in the region, the value of the district is increasing day by day.

The district has become a preferred area for living, and many foreigners want to buy flats in Avcılar. The search for houses for sale in Avcılar by foreigners is increasing day by day. Also, the region has a high rental income; you can rent your property for sale in Avcilar you bought and make a good profit.

Avcilar apartments for sale, one of the most popular districts of megacity Istanbul, are getting more and more valuable every day. Luxury villas in Avcılar close to all possibilities of the city are attracting great interest from foreigners.

History of the District

The Turkish presence in the area dates back to the time when Ottoman forces were preparing for the conquest of Istanbul and were keen to populate the area with Turks. Fatih Sultan Mehmet had instructed the reconstruction of this region when he conquered Istanbul in 1453. It was a fishing village before Turkish people settled in here, and they started agriculture in the region. There is some remaining Ottoman architecture including a hunting lodge belonging to the sultans, (the name Avcılar means 'hunters') because actual hunters used to live in this area to protect the villages and some traditional farmhouses.

Avcilar remained as a small village until the second half of the 20th century. But after 1950, Turkish people who came from Bulgaria have settled in here. This enabled the growth of the settlements up in the region. It has become a center of population in a short span of time. Afterward, the district began to be called ‘Avcilar.' There has been a big move to the region, and the population grew up after 1970. And it has become a district separating from Kucukcekmece in 1992 and property in Avcilar for sale increased.

At one time the seashore at Avcılar was a retreat from the city, but now the port is very busy. The road to Europe carries more traffic than ever, it is now a busy highway, littered with billboards and heaving with trucks. Traveling into the city from Avcılar requires winding up onto this highway from Avcılar's network of bridges and narrow underpasses.

Recently, Bathonea Port ruins were re-discovered. Bathonea, on the shores of Kucukcekmece Lagoon in Istanbul, was once a bustling port city, home to Hittites, Mycenaeans, Alasians, Byzantians, Vikings, and the Ottomans. There is not much information about the ruins as the excavations are still ongoing, but there is a possibility of another Roman lighthouse that existed in the eastern Mediterranean such as Alexandria and Patara.

The Economy in the Region

The industry has gained importance in recent years. Other sectors like fishing and agriculture started to fade away. With many growing sectors like commerce, real estate, and entertainment, Avcilar has become prominent and land for sale in Avcilar and commercial properties in Avcilar gained value so properties in Avcilar in the center and near the sea are expensive.

There are many shopping malls, educational institutions, commercial centers, and entertainment places in the region. Also, with many ongoing residential projects, the region will become much more valuable in the close future. You can contact us for the information about Avcilar Property for sale in many different options and prices in Istanbul.

Avcilar has many kinds of transportation facilities like Metrobus, ferry, and rail systems. Also, located close to the TEM highway, you have the city in the palm of your hand.

If you are thinking about buying a property in Avcilar, contact us today for more information about the area and the property market.

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