Turkey’s biggest and first sustainable library, Rami Library Turkey, opened its doors in Istanbul. The historical Rami artillery barracks in Istanbul have been renovated and transformed into a comprehensive cultural center of the country.

The first phase of the restoration project began in 2014. And now, Rami military barracks will operate as the biggest library in Turkey from 2023 onwards.

History of Rami Military Barracks

Rami Library’s building was converted from a historical military barrack, built during the Ottoman period. In the Ottoman Empire, the military barracks did not only represent the accommodation facilities of the army. They were also designed to meet the necessities of military training and contained on-site amenities for everyday use.

The history of the Rami army barracks traces back to the 18th century. The exact plot the library is situated in today was previously assigned to Râmî Mehmed Pasha and used as a ranch. The first military buildings on the site were constructed during the reign of Sultan II Mustafa.

historical barrack in istanbulThe construction of the building we see today was started during the reign of III Mustafa. Rami barracks were expanded by Sultan Mahmud II in the 19th century. It has been used for military purposes until its executive transition to the civil administration in 1971.

This majestic military building was also assigned to the use of wholesalers around the 1980s. Later on, it was abandoned in the following years until the beginning of its restoration project.

Restorations of Rami Barracks and the Opening of Rami Library

The first stages of the restoration started in the fall of 2014. The comprehensive renovation is completed after 8 years. The whole project was closely observed by professionals to make sure the last result will still be preserving its authenticity.

historical Rami library The organization of the renovation project was maintained by the authorities. The project consists of a massive building with a total area of 220 thousand square meters. The building’s landscaped site constitutes an extensive area of 51 thousand square meters. The whole area is adorned with various plants and 30 different tree species.

Today’s Rami Library Istanbul goes beyond the idea of a standard library concept. It sets a perfect example for interactive campuses, full of cultural facilities. Now it serves as a huge attraction center and the biggest library in Istanbul.

Istanbul’s Rami Barracks become a place where people can organize cultural events and educational seminars all year round. The building consists of 36 thousand square meters of interior space open for public use and 4 thousand 200 participant capacity.

There are 5 blocks and 8 main sections in the building. The blocks include exhibition and reading halls, workshop places, a disability center. There are 3 lecture halls, 4 activity centers, a farreaching library with a 2.5 million book capacity, and a museum. The museum is awarded with the first Biosphere Sustainable Museum certificate in Turkey.

In the museum, the historical artifacts from the Ottoman period are on display to inform visitors about the building’s background. There is even a miniature model of the whole building.

Along with historical artifacts, the visitors would also get a chance to observe magnificent Ottoman manuscripts up close. There are around 120,000 rare pieces of manuscripts in the building. All manuscripts are being restored and preserved by the Turkish Manuscripts Institution, here in the Rami Library.

children library in Istanbul The campus will operate 24/7 and is open to the public. Halls and all facilities are designed to provide a healthy, comfortable studying environment for everyone from children to university students. There are 6 library sections in the building as;

• Baby and Children’s Library
• Youth Library
• Adult Library
• Special Libraries
• Ataturk Special Library
• Manuscripts Library

The most outstanding one of all is the library designed especially the infants and children. The children’s section here at the Rami complex reaches beyond the standardized library idea. The campus will organize events and workshops for children to provide an experimental learning opportunity.

Istanbul is not only the business hub of Turkey. It is also the most outstanding education center in Turkey with the most prestigious education institutions. There are nearly 7 million students in the city and it is essential to provide an interactive and modern learning space to all.

The main idea behind the Rami Library’s renovation is to create an educational meeting point. It aims to provide a sustainable and convenient learning space. As one of the modern libraries in Istanbul Turkey, Rami Library is open to everyone who desires to benefit from advanced educational organizations.

Rami Library is now considered one of the biggest and most organized living libraries of our time. Authorities put in efforts to include this magnificent historical landmark in the UNESCO Cultural Heritage List.

Istanbul, the cultural capital of Turkey, is a hidden gem, waiting to be explored piece by piece. To unveil its esoteric world, take a look at our blogs on the Area Guide page.